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Friday, September 29th, 2017 08:13 pm
Well, that's been embarrassing. The stories have been up for 2 weeks, but, errr, things have been intense in RL. BUT, let me share with you that the Narnia Fic Exchange in live on AO3 with a lovely variety of stories, most of which I've not been able to read yet. You can find the whole collection here and there is something of every taste and flavor.

I received a wonderful, creative, fun story by Airawyn, so go read it and them how wonderful they are!!

Old Enough For a Fairy Tale Wedding (5085 words) by Airawyn
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - All Media Types, Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Susan Pevensie/Original Male Character(s), Edmund Pevensie & Lucy Pevensie & Peter Pevensie & Susan Pevensie, Jill Pole/Eustace Scrubb
Characters: Susan Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Lucy Pevensie, Original Characters, Eustace Scrubb, Jill Pole, Digory Kirke, Polly Plummer
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies

All children play games, and all children grow up, and so if you should meet someone as an adult who played the same games you did as a child, perhaps it isn't so strange. Cultural influences and whatnot and so forth and doesn't every child dream of lions?

And I managed with the mad assistance of [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake beta and editing skills to get a story in on time. I do feel it's a bit of re-tread for me. Nothing really new but I'm thrilled that I managed to pull it together and write something and get it posted, especially given my insane RL schedule recently and a whole lot of technical writing. Baby steps. But it's up and done and thank you for being such wonderful, kind, supportive readers and friends. I wrote it for FiKate who asked for something about Digory and why he became a teacher and they noted Digory's special relationship with Lucy. So, that's what I did.

This Scepter’d Isle (2738 words) by rthstewart
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Digory Kirke, Polly Plummer, Lucy Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Mrs. Macready, Peter Pevensie, Susan Pevensie

Digory delivers a lesson on "This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England."


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Monday, September 7th, 2015 09:08 am
So first, I urge you will all haste to go read the wonderful things that [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake  wrote for me. She is amazing and so are the stories.

What I got
A little madness story,
Fit to be tied (723 words) by Syrena_of_the_lake
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Susan Pevensie
Additional Tags: Crack Crossover, Anansi - Freeform, Chronicles of Narnia - Kangarooverse
Summary: Susan does not like surprises. Tebbitt does not like spiders. Anansi does not care.

And the glorious Rule of Threes Raid which does not require familiarity with the xover Rat Patrol (RAT- how perfect is that?)
The Rule of Threes Raid (18796 words) by Syrena_of_the_lake
Chapters: 3/3
Characters: Susan Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Sam Troy, Jack Moffitt, Mark Hitchcock, Tully Pettigrew, Hans Dietrich
Additional Tags: World War II
Summary:The Rat Patrol's mission is "to attack, harass and wreak havoc on Field Marshal Rommel's vaunted Afrika Korps." Susan's mission is a bit more complicated, as is her relationship with the desert. A story of daring and deception and of loyalties built on shifting sands.

What I wrote,
My big story, written for Selden, is Flee From Memory. There's a lot that happens here, and it's right after the siege of Anvard, with Tumnus arriving to help with the complex diplomatic issues. As I was trying to decide what to do for NFE in response to Selden's marvelous GA prompts, she specifically said that she didn't mind romance and was curious how Tumnus reacted to Lucy the little girl as Queen. Seldon was also interested in worldbuilding and stories about memory. I had also a few new readers ask for more about Aidan Gunarr, Lucy's consort who appears in AW and is reference in other stories.  So, as the saying goes, kitchen sink time, with, among other things, the introduction of Aidan.  Also, for those who are familiar with my work, the ending is, I think, a surprise. I've not decided yet how I feel about the ending, but for the purposes of the story, and my recipient, it worked. Tumnus is the pov character and this continues his decidedly bitter views of Aslan. Tumnus is a very unreliable narrator and is a master of self-justification. As I was working on the story and the role of memory and deception, I thought a lot about my time in Eastern Europe in the early 90s after the Wall came down and the damage done to the psyches of the people I knew. Lying was necessary to survival and that was a difficult habit to break.

I did two madness stories.
The Blue Door Cottage (1909 words) for the superlative WingedFlight and [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake
Relationships: Jill Pole/Eustace Scrubb
Characters: Jill Pole, Eustace Scrubb, Alberta Scrubb, Harold Scrubb
Additional Tags: Magic, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies, Silver Chair - AU, SCAU
Series: Part 4 of Everybody Lives Nobody Dies Narnia AU
Summary: Jill and Eustace take a holiday. It does not go as planned.
The story is closely related to Winged's NFE from last year Concerning the Daily Maintenance of a Large Country House, obliquely references her other works, and I suspect the houses have had the same owner.

The other is related to an earlier work I did, about Mabel and Letty's apprenticeship with Mrs. Lefay. I wrote this for [personal profile] edenfalling  because she's written so many things for me and I really wanted to give her a small gift as she asked about Polly and Digory post-MN and what Letty and the other family members thought of this odd friendship between the two.

At An In-Between Place (2032 words)
Chapters: 1/1
Characters: Polly Plummer, Letty Ketterley
Summary:  Polly has an iron poker, a pocketknife, and a police whistle. She's ready for anything.[personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake[personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake

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Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 08:26 am
[personal profile] snacky and [personal profile] aurilly have run an amazing exchange.

There are stories and books that I read occasionally that make me abandon any hope of ever at my advanced age becoming a true writer because the works are so gorgeous, so clever, so stunning. I've come to feel that way about The Rule Threes Raid written for me.

There are a number of other NFE stories that are just astonishing. (I'm running out of adjectives). There are a number of stories with different takes on AU Aravis, AU Silver Chair and playing with concepts of memory, who forgets what and when and how and the role Tumnus plays in it. That's something that is lovely about the NFE is that there are often in a single exchange, multiple interpretations of related ideas. It's really cool.

I'd already recc'd The Case of the Descending Debutante, which I loved, and if you are a fan of the corkscrew British comedy genre, the acerbically dry and quintessentially English wit of Wodehouse coupled with the wackiness of Douglas Adams, you must, must, must read
Psmith Giantslayer
(8859 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis/Psmith - P. G. Wodehouse
Rating: General Audience
Relationships: Mike Jackson/Rupert Psmith
Characters: Rupert Psmith, Edmund Pevensie, Mike Jackson, Susan Pevensie
Summary: Or, how the glorious Affair of the Motor Car on the Senate House Roof became the rather more alarming Affair of the Enormous Giants.
(Psmith, however, was enchanted. "Such nobility of mien,“ he told Mike. "Such an air of enterprise and derring-do! Who is this paragon of Cambridge manhood, may I ask?”
“I think his name is Pevensie,” said Mike.)
... "Your sister?" said Mike, a little doubtfully.
"She's in her final year at Girton," said Edmund. "Did some time with the Women's Auxiliaries as a driver near the end of the war. Dab hand with a screwdriver, is Susan."
Psmith shook his head sadly. "I was given to believe that Girton was naught but a lonely outpost in the wilderness, practically a shack surrounded by howling fens," he told Edmund. "How very glad I am to hear that this was mere calumny. We should be honoured to accept the assistance of this beauteous lady mechanic."

I loved this one too, with Jill, Silver Chair AU where Eustace and Jill stay, and ENTWIVES

to pluck up that which is planted
(5221 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia - All Media Types
The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Jill Pole/Eustace Scrubb
Characters: Jill Pole, Eustace Scrubb, Rilian, Entwives - Character, Aslan
Additional Tags: SCAU, Everybody Lives Nobody Dies, Aslan is a jerk but only kind of a jerk, So is Iluvatar tbh

Summary: Narnian welcomes its visitors from Earth and Middle-earth alike, but being allowed to stay there? That’s a different story. Jill doesn’t take it so easily as the Pevensies. (Because she’s Jill.)
Two dark, interesting takes on Aravis and Narnia AU

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Characters: Lucy Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Aravis
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Dark, Book: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
She is the Sun: fierce and bright, glorious and intense, unforgiving and everlasting.


The Tisroc and the King
(7375 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Aravis/Shasta | Cor
Characters: Aravis, Shasta | Cor, Prince Rabadash, Lasaraleen, Corin (Narnia)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Calormen, Archenland, A somewhat grimmer future
Summary: Something went very differently, and Cor and Aravis never met. Now, in the aftermath of battle, a King and a Tisroc must be buried, and two enemy nations must crown their new rulers.

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Sunday, August 30th, 2015 08:49 pm
And oh my gosh, you need to go RIGHT NOW

First off, I have an amazing fun Madness. It is delightful. You will love it.

Fit to be tied (723 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - All Media Types
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Susan Pevensie
Additional Tags: Crack Crossover, Anansi - Freeform, Chronicles of Narnia - Kangarooverse

Susan does not like surprises. Tebbitt does not like spiders. Anansi does not care.

And then, my anon, for my main story, has written an 18,000 word war story set between The Queen Susan in Tashbaan and Rat and Sword Go To War. Queen Susan Caspian is sent to North Africa as part of the deception build up to Operation Mincemeat. I've just started and have already run into Susan Caspian and Tebbitt, Asim, and Colonel Walker-Smythe. I don't know the other verse it's crossed with, Rat Patrol, but I'm not worried about that. There are notes at the beginning and if you do love Rat Patrol, well that's an added bonus.   It's wonderful.  It's amazing and I'm already in love. 

The Rule of Threes Raid (18796 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 3/3
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - All Media Types, The Rat Patrol
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Susan Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Sam Troy, Jack Moffitt, Mark Hitchcock, Tully Pettigrew, Hans Dietrich
Additional Tags: World War II

The Rat Patrol's mission is "to attack, harass and wreak havoc on Field Marshal Rommel's vaunted Afrika Korps." Susan's mission is a bit more complicated, as is her relationship with the desert. A story of daring and deception and of loyalties built on shifting sands.

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Friday, August 14th, 2015 10:22 pm
Inspired by my trip to Nova Scotia, I posted the first chapter of a three part story, The Star Husband.  It's on AO3 and FF.net.  The first chapter is Polly and Richard, and elaborates further on some short things I posted here several years ago. 

I need to work on the NFE now then I'll finish it up.  I have a lot of thoughts about it, particularly this characterization of Richard in the prime of his physical and intellectual life, 20 years before the start of TSG.  Some reviewers have pointed out some great things and questions, which I will answer once I'm not traveling.  Great stuff, some of which I intended and some of which I didn't.  I've always been kinda on the fence about Richard and I know some of that ambivalence comes out.  He's so enthusiastic and pedal to the metal, so focused, and so appreciative of things, it's a joy, but he IS manipulative. 

The story that Rita tells of the Star Husband is one that I saw in the Halifax Museum of Natural History.  I've had real problems finding it elsewhere and I'm a little worried that it's not a geunine Mi'kmaq story.  I did eventually find it, in the exact same format as it appeared in the museum.  So, I dunno.  When I read it, I immediately thought of Narnian stories and the importance of stars and so wanted to highlight a little bit of this First Nations culture. 

If you are interested, I hope you enjoy it.

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Sunday, June 28th, 2015 08:14 pm

Alpaca Bag (the wayward llamas remix) (1055 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Susan Pevensie, Flax and Shadow
Additional Tags: llamas on the run, run llamas run

Come now Gentle Beasts and Birds, Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve, that might you hear the Tale of the Wayward Llamas. Stop and listen that you may also know of Flax the Brave and her mate Shadow, and how a Wrong Turn led to the Rescue of a Queen. Harken to me now.

Go and read and tell my person how awesome they are!!

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Saturday, April 18th, 2015 05:00 pm
I interrupt this Star Wars squee to enthusiastically plug a follow on to Harold and Morgan written by the lovely, talented and amazing [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake   It's here, The Last Test and Proof and deals with a disaster of epic proportions befalling Cair Paravel after the departure of the Four.  Go!  It's lovely.  And I'm so honored that Syrena decided to tell the story and borrow some of the characters from H&M and elsewhere.

And Oh My Gosh, I forgot to include a picture of Cook that Syrena did!

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Sunday, April 5th, 2015 09:26 am
For Adaese, who asked here for a story about Cook. More to come!! (Aidan and Lucy, I think?  Polly and the Whipsnade zoo)  Thanks so much to everyone who has been so nice!

Culinary Diplomacy (2045 words) by rthstewart
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Susan Pevensie, Peter Pevensie
Additional Tags: Humor, Cooking, authorial projection

How not to murder your dinner guests


This obviously bears upon the recent difficulty I had in preparing a St Patrick's Day party.
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Monday, March 30th, 2015 09:37 pm
So I finally got around to posting some of my 3SF Fills.
Narnians Reassembling (685 words) by rthstewart
Chapters: 3/3
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agent Carter (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Susan Pevensie, Lucy Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Miriam Fry, Angie Martinelli, Jane Foster (Marvel)
Additional Tags: 3 Sentence Fiction, 3 Sentence Ficathon, Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence
Series: Part 3 of The Narnians Assemble AU
Summary: Three sentence ficathon fills with Narnia and MCU. Susan at the Griffith, Peter and the Howlers, Lucy and Thor

More Chips Off The Stone Gryphon (1202 words) by rthstewart
Chapters: 5/5
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Peter Pevensie, Susan Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Lucy Pevensie, Digory Kirke, Eustace Scrubb, Jill Pole, Puddleglum
Additional Tags: 3 Sentence Fiction, 3 Sentence Ficathon
Series: Part 6 of The Stone Gryphon
Summary:Fills from the 3 sentence ficathon; includes some fills that are canon compliant and others that are AU, Everybody Lives, Nobody Dies

Mary Anning Russell Pevensie Goes To Jurassic Park (and the Cretaceous Period) (828 words) by rthstewart
Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Peter Pevensie, Eustace Scrubb
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies, Jurassic Park - Freeform, Dinosaurs, Raptor Red - Freeform, 3 Sentence Fiction, 3 Sentence Ficathon
Series: Part 6 of Everybody Lives Nobody Dies Narnia AU
Summary: For [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake  who wanted Mary Anning Russell and dinosaurs

I had a problem with posting yesterday.  They are all up now, in their entirety.

Thanks so much for the nice words.  First up, Susan had a conversation with Cook about a difficult dinner party with many, many things on the Cannot Eat List.
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Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 08:23 pm
The concluding chapter to Dressing Down or Alpaca Bag is up! You can find it here and here

Thanks so much if you R&R'd. I really appreciate it. Something that Ruanchunxian01 and Clio noted in the story was how different each Monarch's relationship is with his or her Guard. Jalur manages Edmund, Dalia and Fooh after become Peter's emotional booster and sounding board. Lucy and Briony are friends and operate as a team, with a lot of good cop/bad cop and Briony very much enables Lucy's actions and acts as Lucy's advocate. Lambert is very much Susan's partner, trusted advisor, and friend. It's a very intimate relationship -- all of them are, but as Hoberry observes in a Christmas story I wrote a long time ago, that Lambert's service predates the Guard's oath to the monarch, and his service became the model for what the guard came to be. I fiddled with those parts quite a bit to try to convey that.

Yes, Guard Llamas are for real and I personally think they are terrifying,

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Saturday, March 14th, 2015 04:14 pm
I posted the first chapter of two of a thing very much inspired by the 3 sentence ficathon, with prompts and inspiration from Adaese, ruanchunxian0, [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake .  It's a short (no, really it is short) spin on the llamas on the lam, the stolen dress and the other dress.  With added Crows.

Dressing Down or Alpaca Bag can be found on AO3 and FF.net.  I'll post chapter 2 next week.  Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.  It's got a lot in common with By Royal Decree.  So strange to coming back to that story after so long.

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Saturday, December 6th, 2014 11:58 am

[personal profile] yalumesse asked for some reflections on Evil Banker Morgan of the House of Linch. Blather about Evil Banker Morgan of the House of Linch )
I really wanted Edmund to have to rattle on about his titles in order to set up a riff and parody of the ubiquitous love triangle stories. To do that, I needed a new character for Edmund to say this to, and it couldn’t be a sibling or Jalur. I gave her, in that chapter, the strange halting speech pattern to give Jalur the openinng to correct her, and then give Edmund the opportunity for his soliloquy.

So MUCH of this story was done on a whim based upon very poorly thought out head canon. I wanted Crows because I’d associated Edmund, visually, with Richard Burton in the old Becket film with Peter O'Toole and Thomas Becket’s symbol was a blackbird. I plugged Willa in because I loved the idea of the Mischief of the Intelligence Service and the idea of this bloodthirsty enthusiastic rodent. I knew I wanted a big, solitary Guard for Edmund and so created Jalur but in the first posting of the story, he was temporary.

The story was going to be 3 chapters, end with the hound in a corset, and certainly not with Morgan and Edmund together. I gave her the odd speech mannerisms in order for Jalur to correct her in Chapter 3 and then give Edmund the opportunity to expand upon his titles – all of which became very important later as a major recurring theme over their love story.

The deeper I got into BRD, I kept writing all this flirtatious dialogue and Edmund's ever increasing obsession with her and by the end, well, the end was by no means certain and I wrote out how it almost didn't happen In The Great Mother's Day Debate.

Even well into Queen Susan in Tashbaan, I’d not settled on Morgan as the bearer of an heir and Edmund’s wife and delayed identifying her as his wife for years. . I knew there had to be a human heir -- I did have head canon over that. I didn't want it to be Peter because of the characterization I'd given him. I couldn't force Lucy or Susan to leave a child behind. That left Edmund and I already had Morgan, so I could create a new character, or run with her.

She’s a very difficult character to write and had this come about differently, I might not have written her as I did. Having already given Morgan the strange speech patterns, started in chapter 3 to give Jalur an opening and then continued over the course of BRD story to keep her consistent, I realized something more – that she had what was then called Asperger’s – she was on the autism scale and this became more fully realized once I started in on H&M.

I realized during TQSiT that – at least at that stage of the writing -- people liked Morgan, that she was different, and so Edmund ended up stuck with her.

I’ve had my doubts about Morgan lately and I think, based on what happened with the stories, that people got tired of Morgan and liked her less. However, I heard recently from a reader [personal profile] starpaint , whose comments and insights just meant the world to me. Morgan is a formidable woman with a pretty significant cognitive impairment, and, at one point, a major depressive disorder. Yet, she succeeds. She finds a place and friends, respect, acceptance, romance, and love. She asserts herself and takes her place as a leader. I hope that for some readers she is both relatable and a hopeful embodiment.

As for appearance, well, several problems there. First, I am not a visual writer, so writing her physically wasn’t something I’d do easily. I don’t fancast. Also, as she was written against the type of typical romantic interest in a Narnia love triangle, I deliberately did not describe her as those stories so often describe their female OCs in glowing, flowing terms. Edmund notices her as a guy does – that she’s not gorgeous but not unattractive, either, is normally proportioned, with a shape more like Lucy than Susan, that she doesn’t have huge breasts, is wide-hipped, and eventually, that she has brown eyes and darker skin. Mostly she’s available and wants to be with him, and that’s good enough for him, for the moment. VERY male pov. I don't know that he ever truly sees her as beautiful until he's finally, hopelessly in love with her.

Morgan is mixed race, dark-skinned father, very pale skinned mother, so if you are interested in fancasting, that’s where you would begin. [personal profile] yalumesse  had suggested someone like Angel Coulby and sure! Lyndie Greenwood? Tracee Ellis Ross?
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Monday, October 6th, 2014 07:44 am
Thank you to all who sent birthday wishes. That was very nice. It was a really putrid day, as my birthdays so often are. I mean, starting the day with a fraud alert on your credit card, so very much not fun. Happy Birthday to you from Chase Account Holder Card Services. Fortunately, I had already ordered my peanut butter pretzels and coffee from Amazon so those deliveries were uninterrupted. The weekend improved as it went on, most especially beacause of the Narnia Fic Exchange and Madness reveals. The Main Collection is here (25 stories of awesome) and the Madness Collection is here.

I got 4 madness stories. WHAT??? Also, I wrote one, plus 2 stories for the main exchange and received an amazing gift. So...

What I received
I received a wonderful Temeraire/Narnia cross by the superlative wingedflight21 An Unusual Dragon Situation Returning to Cambridge after a voyage across the Eastern Sea leads Eustace to realize that he is not the same boy who fell through the painting. He has grown in unexpected ways. It's wonderful. I'd spotted the fact that there was a Temeraire cross in the collection and was hoping it was for me and it WAS. As always, Winged's Eustace voice is pitch perfect.

Madness was an embarrassment of riches. edenfalling wrote A boat, beneath a sunny sky, a glorious slice of Aravis and Lasaraleen having a small adventure and brilliant bit of characterization
edenfalling ALSO wrote a wonderful and insightful Polly and Digory story, about the war to come in response to the prompt by several people, How the Skeleton Aches

The wonderful adaese wrote the wry and poignant
A correspondence between Bibi Tarkheena, wife to Kidrash Tarkaan, lord of Calavar Province, and her aunt Latana, High Priestess of Zardeena, being a selection from the Calavar archives, presented here for the edification and instruction of young ladies.
Which explains the whole of Aravis' situation from the point of view of the not-so-evil stepmother.

And I received The Little Sea by Transposable-Element which is a wonderful bit of Calormen pantheon and worldbuilding.

Thanks so much to the generous people who wrote these wonderful, wonderful works! GO! Read and Review!

I had huge problems writing, at first.  I've been incredibly busy with work writing and I've felt that Narnia, its fandom fen, and I are in the middle of an especially messy and painful divorce.  I've really wanted to just chuck it all and go to ground so it was really, really hard to write, at first.  Eventually, I forced myself, word by word and finally came out with three stories.

And what I wrote

I did two stories for the main exchange, one of which was blindingly obvious and one of which was definitely not.
My assignment:
That we may hear the whispers of the gods, for [personal profile] bedlamsbard  (a very intimidating person to write for, let me tell you!)  Anyone who has read some of my musings on the Calormene Trickster god would have recognized this story.  It was a real mess in early drafts and was truly saved by freudiancascade.  Aravis isn't an  easy character for me for some reason.  I really enjoyed Lasaraleen and Hwin in this story.  I'd also wanted to do a much bigger story, hinted at here, of Cor's abduction (again) and Aravis riding off to rescue him.  Also hinted at, but not something I could develop, is that Aravis and Cor have issues, both individually and as a couple, and that Cor's time as slave definitely left its mark.  Freudiancascade asked me during one round of review if I really intended to imply that Cor and Aravis were probably queer -- and I said yep, that was intentional.  I really wanted to play with gender issues and how complicated that was by their personal histories and Archenland politics, but I just couldn't pull it off without it coming out incredibly sexist, so I tossed a lot of that.  The abduction was simply too big a story for the NFE -- this already clocked in at 10K, so I stripped out a lot and tried to focus in on Aravis becoming comfortable in her own skin.  I ended up blundering into sexy times even in one draft.  Egads. 

The second story, a pinch hit, surely a surprise, As Waves Make Towards The Pebbl'd Shore for our NFE  mod and all around only good things should happen to her ever, [personal profile] snacky .  Peter/Caspian is one of Snacky's OTP's and she deserved a story written just for her for all her amazing work as mod and everything else.  So I wrote Peter/Caspian slash!   

A comment or two asked what was going on with the buzzing in Susan's purse.  That, as it turns out, is explained in my madnness story, Susan and Peggy Go Shooting (Again)which is a continuation of my Avengers MCU cross from the NFE  2 years ago.  I'm not sure if this is quite what the lovely [personal profile] aurilly had in mind but I had a lot of fun with it, particularly writing Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, and Col. Chester Phillips. 

That's all! 

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Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 10:28 pm

Nominations have begun for the 2014 Narnia Fic Exchange!  This year it's on AO3 and not double-blinded, so you will know your recipient!!

Thanks so much to [personal profile] snacky  for running it again this year.  It's a great exchange and I encourage you all to check it out!  Nominate!  Sign up!  Read!  Review!  It's lots of fun and the quality of fic is amazingly high. 

If you need an AO3 account, ask around.  I probably have some invite codes and others do too. 

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Sunday, June 1st, 2014 03:55 pm
There's an interesting article on Buzz Feed I spotted today -- maybe you've already seen it, but I hadn't until this AM.  I find, in particular, this paragraph illuminating:

But this is the Chronicles’ greatest, redeeming strength: that sowed within are the seeds of their own dogma’s destruction. The machinery, the logic, of Narnia itself resists its author’s heavy-handed lessons. Though Lewis pushes Susan out of heaven, he cannot take back the founding tenet of the series — that “once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia” — which is truer than her absence. The commonplace wisdom of “jolly decent” and “jolly rotten” ways of being in the world that transcend gender and culture and age and even species manages to overthrow, in a short aside, the very Christianity Lewis tries to spoonfeed his readers with. Goodness, not faith, rules. The mean-spirited, bigoted, and pedantic pieces of the books still exist, but in fundamental tension with Narnia itself. The Chronicles, I believe, have a will of their own.

This is so true.  As anyone who has struggled with Lewis' conflicting messages, with the details of the food but not the geography, the problem of Susan, no linguistic shifty, no technological advancement,  Aslan's occasional arbitrary cruelty, this is very reassuring.  Narnia, the best of Narnia, transcends the human limits of its creator and even its sometimes not so benevolent lion deity.
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Saturday, January 25th, 2014 09:55 am
Come join the Narnian Fanfiction Revolution for an LWW read!  The link is here
Thanks to [personal profile] lady_songsmith  for doing this!

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Sunday, January 19th, 2014 11:18 pm
Not with a bang but a whimper, H&M, Chapter 24 is posted here.
I'd posted an excerpt back in August of the joss'd version of what is now posted.  I really loved what I'd written all those years ago and it was really, really difficult to part with all of it.  I probably kept more in that I should have but sometimes, I just can't let it all go.

The 3-year bonded presumption has been in the story from the very beginning.  Hints of it are in Lucy's conversation with Mrs. Beaver in TSG Part 1 and by the time Lucy and Morgan go to visit Jezebel the beaver back in chapters 2 and 3, the groundwork was there.  The odd references at the end of the chapter Coming and Goings where Jina and Willa are in the hold of the ship returning to Narnia after Narrowhaven also reference it.  More to come and more explanation.

There was a long scene involving Maeve meeting Seth and I ended up cutting it when it became clear that I would be looking at 17000 words or thereabouts.  I'm bothered by the fact that neither of them is thinking about that at the moment and I also know it's not terribly romantic that they are both so focused on doing their duties rather than falling into bed and swooping sensation, feelings and sexy times.  I deliberately mock the feeling talk and the kissing someone senseless romantic trope.  With any luck, I'll get tongue "lathe/lave" in there and maybe pressing manhood? Errr, maybe not.  it's called Not A Romance for a very good reason.

So, thank you.  the end is near. 
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Sunday, January 19th, 2014 01:06 pm
I'm cross-posting from [personal profile] wingedflight21  's LJ that the newly reconstituted Narnian Fanfiction Revolution (thanks [personal profile] songsmith !) is having movie re-watches and re-reads and you can read all about it on the NFFR Forum and on Winged's journal here.