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Monday, July 24th, 2017 09:34 am
Hey there!  I know that a lot of folks migrated over from LJ last year and courteously sent me invitations to subscribe to their accounts, which have now long since disappeared.  If you see this and if you'd like to share subscription/access, let me know what your new account name is and we can do that whole clicky thing and maybe I can start getting caught up.  I'm reluctant even to log into LJ which  (I switched my Kaspersky protection two months ago) but I may have to bit the bullet and just DO IT so I can caught up.   
Love you!
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Saturday, November 12th, 2016 12:17 pm
I regret to say that my experience with the bigotry, misogyny, and homophobia of the last few years prepared me for the US election results.  I found despair and disillusionment, and experienced the power of those voices, several years ago and so expected this result though I so wished to be wrong.  The only good news in this is that  this has meant my shock is not as acute because I've already been there for a while and, in my privilege, am not at risk.  Still, there has been a lot of stress baking, Corgi petting, and avoidance for the better part of 6 months.  So, I am so sorry that I've not responded to you and thank you so much for reaching out to me.  It will take awhile to get through 200+ emails and reviews on this account, never mind the dozens of unread stories.  But going forward, please understand that I can be here for you if you need it. 

So, watch this space.  I did a long blather cross-posted here on why I do not believe that women and families will lose altogether access to Plan B, drug-based contraceptives, and the pills that induce medical abortions because the process to remove FDA-approved drugs from the market when the manufacturer doesn't want to remove the product is very difficult and long.  In other words, I think for the time being, you can cross off your list, "stockpile Plan B."  That comment was long and blathery and I am not familiar with the processes by which medical devices are removed from the market, like IUDs and some implants, so I'll update with something concise soon.

When I was trying to comfort someone at 3 AM on Wednesday morning, I told him how important it was that he continue his creative efforts to tell others about the works of fiction that he enjoyed and found hopeful.  We need that more than ever, I told him, and don't let despair stop you.

I recognize in this a call to create in our fiction the world we want to live in.  The reason I returned to fandom in 2009 was that I thought we were on the cusp of creating that world in RL.  Alas, this is not true.  A quote I used in TSG attributed to Gandhi was "Be the change you wish to see in the world."**    And so, for me, it will become "write the world you wish to see."     

(**BUT, lots of people aren't ready for that call and commitment and may never be.  No pressure, OK?  This HURTS and is scary.  Grieve as you must and take your own damned time about it.)

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Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 09:21 am
Gosh it's been awhile.


I had 2 remix assignments and got both in on time, woot. Gosh, WHO WRITES 10,000 WORD REMIXES? ME OF COURSE. I'm an idiot. But you knew that. I'd love to get a madness in, I have an idea, but it may not happen -- we're off to Nova Scotia soon. cannot WAIT. I was so sad when the deadline closed because it once again appeared that the person assigned to me had defaulted -- omg I've got rthstewart, run like the wind.
But, a couple days later, a story did pop up so I'm VERY happy that someone did not run like the wind.

Work has been slow and boring and so taking forever to do and in my distraction, I managed to scrape up my car on a parking pylon garage pillar that leaped out at me. Grrr. Also, we may have to replace the car altogether so I got distracted looking at new cars and then got pissed off at car salesman. What about "only contact me by email" was unclear? Also, my spawn ran off to wilderness camp for a week without water bottles and I've been fretting about it.

I've seen Mad Max twice, LOVED IT. OMG GO SEE IT. I did not see Jurassic World though, of course, I love dinosaurs, because ehh. And I need to see the new Pixar movie, though I'm sure I'll cry through the whole thing. I saw the Rebels premiere and did enjoy it. I've not watched Orphan Black yet. I'm just tired of grimdark -- the world is such an awful horrible place from where I sit I look for true escapism from my Twitter feed and daily news. Why yes, hello depression, I've not missed you AT ALL. There was a fun article about the awesomeness of crows in WaPo here.

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Sunday, April 26th, 2015 03:12 pm
After receiving two really sweet comments, one for AW and one for Rat and Sword, I decided to thank the readers with an AW blurb that I posted in comments on AO3. I'd wanted to get a new chapter up this month but that's not going to happen, I think, given how busy work and other things are keeping me. But I did start writing, and I'm counting that as a win, even though this is far in advance and won't actually appear for awhile.  It also shows a big point/reveal that's been part of the story for a really long time. By the time I get there, this will undoubtedly change, but the afternmath of John Pevensie accompanying Edmund and Peter for a round of drinks at a pub after Peter's made a tough, rotten decision, has been part of the story from the very beginning.

approx 2000 words
from Apostolic Way to come (which will probably be under another name)
It's 1948, give or take


If you aren't interested in a vision of the future, move along, nothing to see here )
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Saturday, March 28th, 2015 12:29 am
It's been a difficult week and a little distraction might be nice.  If you are so inclined, please share a prompt, or something happy, or something that I've done that helped.

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Sunday, March 15th, 2015 09:11 pm
So, with lots of planning and second guessing and spending WAY too much money and time, nevertheless, the dinner party was a success.  Not enough roasted vegetables, too much rice, chicken and white bean dip, ovens acting up, and the chocolate fondue, garbanzo bean cookie brownie, and avocado/yogurt sauce all were very popular.  Not gluten for the evening, no eggs, no nuts, and optional cheese and chicken.  Everyone drank wine instead of all the beer and so I was very glad that they brought wine as hostess gifts.  Also, 2 extra people so we kinda ran out of seating.  Woops. 

Done.  I am done in.  Also, next time, I'll skip Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Mom's Organic and go straight to Shopper Food Warehouse.  Our local SFW has an enormous ethnic foods department, huge selection of Kosher, Indian, Latin, and Asian product, the largest selection of Goya I've ever seen, and their prices are half of the other places.  Lots of vegetarian options, lots of gluten free options, and so much cheaper, and calmer than these lunatic high end places.  I don't even have to go into a parking garage and negotiate around giant SUVs with rhino guards.

Thanks to everyone for the excellent suggestions.   
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Monday, March 9th, 2015 09:07 am

The 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon is now CLOSED, with over 4,100 prompts, fills, and comments.  It's been a great exchange and thank you so much for the whacky crackfic, the moving short fic, and the amazing cross-overs.  You all are great.  I won't freeze this -- go ahead and continue to fill any prompts that interest you and comment on fills made.  I just ask that there not be any more NEW prompts. 

We'll be back next year.  Check out the friending meme and friend away and if you post your works on AO3, be sure to use the 3 sentence ficathon tags.

Thank you again, so much!

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Saturday, February 21st, 2015 09:31 pm
Wow, so we're well over 3000 comments and fills and every time I think it's getting quiet, 10 more notifications show up.  I'm skimming a lot of it, and have noticed a few bumps that seemed resolved before I could do anything.  You all are awesome.  I've seen lots of posting on AO3 too.  I'm closing the 3 SF in 2 weeks, on March 8, and then we'll do it again next year!

So, here's the opportunity to get to know one another, if you like.  Share who you are, where you hang out, and what your interests are.  I'll start in comments. 
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Monday, December 8th, 2014 07:56 pm

We've started a Thunderclap for Athena's Daughters 2, an anthology about diverse women written by diverse women (and believe me, we're a really diverse bunch).  Would you please lend the support of your blog, Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter to supporting this wonderful publication by Silence in the Library publishing?  If you sign up, on December 16, you'll be part of the Thunderclap that spreads the word on social media about this anthology.  I do have a story in it, my first in over 15 years, and I'm really excited to share it.

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Tuesday, December 31st, 2013 09:59 pm
Or Happy New Year in Romanian.

I hope you all had a good year. There is a very amusing posting on Tumblr right now lamenting the loss of Live Journal.


Trying to figure out Tumblr after being on LJ for ten years.


I won't do an annual word count.  I know it's smaller than previous years, even if still pretty big.  The 3 Sentence Ficathon is going on and it erupted over the last 24 hours into a massive crackfest of Lord of The Rings/Narnia xover.  Now, let me be clear, I LOVE Eowyn and Faramir.  I LOVE Aragorn and Arwen.  I LOVE Eomer.  And yet, somehow, Peter/Eowyn and Lucy/Aragorn have lodged themselves in my brain, along with, wait for it, Faramir and Edmund.  Utter crack.  (it's in the later pages, 29-32)

Which reminds me, this has really gotten my Eowyn thoughts going again because every 10 years or so, my Eowyn opinion undergoes a cosmic shift and I'm in in the middle of a new one.  Also, I saw and yes, enjoyed the Hobbit very much. So, maybe another post on that, yes?

In closing, my thanks to you all for another awesome year.  If I were to say, what was the best thing for me?  Probably our trip to England meeting awesome and charming online imaginary friends, and paying homage to Darwin, Mary Anning, Bletchley Park, and the Oxford Museum.  And the addition of the Corgi to our family, Thorin Corgishield (who thought the Pottery Barn catalog was delicious)

If you have something good that happened to you in 2013 that would like to share, please do so in the comments.  And may there be more of the same to you and yours in 2014. 
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Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 09:40 pm
With over 1000 comments in less than 48 hours and so many new names (at least for me), I thought maybe we should do a friending meme for those participating in the 3 Sentence Ficathon. You can then, if you wish, start linking, cross-linking, friending, and checking out the work of the authors whose 3-sentence prompts and fills have thrilled and excited you. So, I'll start in comments below. Obviously, there's no obligation to participate in this at all. Anons and open IDs are welcome.
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Thursday, June 28th, 2012 12:04 am
I posted chapter 16, A is to B as B is to C.  You can find it here

A huge thanks to all of you who helped with this.  Some of the dialogue was really hard.  I hope it works for you.  Please let me know, one way or another.  There are a couple of really important scenes coming up but I found this was just getting too long, so I cut it here.  

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Saturday, June 16th, 2012 01:44 pm
I've signed up for the Narnia Fic Exchange!  Have you?  Do sign up!  It's fun!
We had a great time getting caught up on the NFFR chat last night too!

And, I had the most wonderful, the most thoughtful email this morning from long time reader Ruan Chun Xian who said she was playing dress up with virtual dolls and ended up creating Lucy and Susan as Disney princesses (Ruan was annoyed because she couldn't find trousers for Lucy!!) and then she went further and DID MORGAN OF LINCH AND ANGLO-CARIBBEAN JILL POLE! 

So you can see Susan, Lucy, Jill and Aravis here on her Tumblr. She pointed out that Susan looks a bit like Snow White except that Susan DOES/WOULD look like Snow White.  And below are all the ladies together plus Morgan.  (I LOVE Morgan's boots and her long braid and her plain green working gown).

Yes, I know, dread visuals but they are so lovely and I'm so grateful!!!  Thank you!!

short plea regarding H&M )
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Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 09:21 am
The title of my autobiography and first chapter would be:

Damning With Faint Praise
      Chapter 1, "Why there is always a but"

Screwtape in Suburbia:  Confessions of an instigator
      Chapter 1, "At the promptings of Jesus Christ, I can no longer consume your cookies liberally sprinkled with sugar"

Both are very relevant to my state of mind at the moment.
Tag, you're it.

Edited to include first chapter titles.
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Sunday, May 20th, 2012 10:06 am
I posted chapter 14 of Harold and Morgan early this morning and you can find it here:

Assumption make an Ass of U and Me )

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Monday, March 19th, 2012 10:02 pm
It has been an awesome weekend of fannish goodness.  As reported previously, I saw Salmon Fishing In The Yemen with [livejournal.com profile] econopodder and met up with [livejournal.com profile] knitress thereafter.  Then on Sunday evening I met friend and reader C and it was just lovely and so civilized.    Ironically, as it turns out [livejournal.com profile] harmony_lover was in the restaurant next door!  I met [livejournal.com profile] harmony_lover today for lunch.  I've had a terrific few days talking life, liberties (and those who would eliminate them), and fanfiction.  This is truly the best part of bonding over fic -- the lovely people you meet along the way!

In other news, we leave in less than two weeks for Italy!!!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  I bought new walking shoes and promptly destroyed my heels (not good).  We are going to Rome and Florence with short stops in Siena, Pisa, and San Gimigiano. 

I'm in the final painful throes of the NBB editing -- [livejournal.com profile] autumnia has done an amazing job on the beta.  I can't even see the typos at this point.  If I think about it too hard, I start angsting all over the place.  So I will stop.  Angsting that is. 

Also, errr, if I'm super, super productive I may try to do some sort of an update before the NBB is released.  Maybe. Also, I posted the first three chapters of AW over on AO3.  I know some people like that e-reader function, so I'll get that up.  Anything is better than correcting my endless comma errors. 

Oh, sorry, and another thing!  Theoretically, if Edmund were to have a Tarot reading, what might represent Morgan?  How might that present?  Any thoughts on that? 
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Sunday, March 4th, 2012 06:34 pm
I have, finally, a complete draft of the NBB.  Now it is time to edit, with the wonderful help of [livejournal.com profile] autumnia who has patiently endured my early draft, complete with misspellings and typos.  Amine_eyes was going to help too and I'm just so lucky to have such great support.  (I've been through a real bout of the OMG IT SUX recently.  [livejournal.com profile] autumnia has kept me from chucking it all into the river).  It needs work, but it is getting there.  I am so fortunate and absolutely giddy with the prospect that [livejournal.com profile] heverus will be doing the art!!

There have been distractions, some good ([livejournal.com profile] cyndisuesue visited unexpectedly and this was divine!) and others not so good, especially some very serious illness among several in my village.  Also the state of the US political dialogue has been especially grim and I find myself in a perpetual state of grimace, and I'm not sure that following the Think Progress tweet feed has been good for my blood pressure. 

Also, today, I timed the distance it takes for an egg to fall with parachutes of varying sizes for my teen's science project.  We did this about 20 times and happily the egg broke on the last round, thereby proving up the hypothesis that even a small parachute is better than no parachute.  Words to live by, yes?

Which come to think, is a bit of a metaphor for the NBB.  I keep thinking that, gosh, I've not done anything but the NBB for months.  Except that NBB author sign ups were on October 23 and since then, I posted chapters 10-14 of Apostolic Way and the recent chapter of Harold & Morgan and just wrote the NBB from scratch.  Never tell me the word count, but I'm sure that's over 100,000 words since October 30.  So... yeah...

I read the Hunger Games and really enjoyed it.  I know the basics of the whole story and we are all now eagerly awaiting the release of the film which so far seems terrific.  Yeah, I know, trailers, but still, I am enjoying what I see.

Some true delights come from [livejournal.com profile] adaese and [livejournal.com profile] wellinghall who have provided pictures of the Cat Window at the Oxford Museum of Natural History and a link to a page of Sir Gwaine and the Green Knight on display at the Bodleian Library at Oxford.  This was C.S. Lewis' own edition, with his own annotations, and edited by JRR Tolkien and EV Gordon.  So, I shall share the pretty pictures and they are in my Scrapbook.


I have been watching Once Upon A Time, but if they don't get make it less monochromatic fast, I may drop it in disgust.  I am getting really fed up with the default to the Disney-ification at every turn.  Disney cast members in the parks and the adveritising on the show are more diverse than the show itself. 

With more of my RL and Old Fandom Friends migrating over to this account, once I came clean with them about this latest fandom obsession focus I think I might start posting the occasionally personal over here, which means F-locking.  I mention this only because some people I hear from pretty regularly don't have LJ.  It's not that my RL is so very interesting, but just a head's up.