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Sunday, March 15th, 2020 09:26 pm
There's so much, where to begin? Well, it depends. Most of this is Narnia, though there are a few other things, too. To decide if you are interested in "Not My Children's Narnia" (I'm an adult writing mostly adult characters for mostly adult readers) try Under Cover, or the first three chapters of The Stone Gryphon, Part 1 (Oxfordshire 1942), and/or the first four chapters of By Royal Decree. If you don't like those, you probably won't like the rest of it.

Never tell me the word count )On Fanfiction.net
On Archive of our Own

The Other Stuff
Liliandil and the Just King aka it's not all about you
Kwong Lee is a bad Buddhist
Lie Back and Think of Narnia -- Peridan, Flobber and meaning of the word "fark"
The Horse, his boy, the girl, her horse, the Rat and the Trickster stories are here and here
You need a wolf to run a mole to ground -- The Stone Gryphon AU
Morgan and Edmund On Two Hearts Day in the Lone Islands and Acceptance of the terms (after the departure of the Four)
Comment Fic, Give the Pevensies A Friend
More Comment Fic, including why Edmund and Leszi don't get along, why Morgan and Peter don't get along, and Jalur and the Cub.
And Then The World Blew Up (only here because really, how can you resist Sherlock Holmes, L.King's Mary Russell (no relation to Mary Anning Russell of TSG -- a coincidence), Ramses Emerson and Edmund Pevensie in Jerusalem in 1918?  The F List and I couldn't and comment fic madness resulted. The only thing missing was Miles Vorkosigan and maybe his mother.)
Lots and lots of Alternate Universe Stone Gryphon stories (where everyone lives and nobody dies and there are adventures) are scattered all over this LJ and spread to others. The easiest way to find out about the camels in the Sahara, spies in Moscow, alligators, and Che Guevara is to go to the TSG AU tag
Eustace, Jill and Quebec
The Great Mother's Day Debate in which the Just King argues for posting Chapter 8 of By Royal Decree so that he can have sex and accuses Rthstewart of disrupting expectations because she's worried her children will grow up to be like him.
Food for Thought, in which I channel the mind and writing of a 16 year old girl who blogs about going through her Great Grandmother Susan's wardrobe.

Because people sometimes ask, On the Narnia side, you have, in chronological order:

The Palace Guard (chronologically first but written after By Royal Decree)
By Royal Decree and at AO3
Chapter 1 of It’s The Thought That Counts
Black as Rat and Crow
Harold and Morgan: Not A Romance (in progress, maybe)
Two Hearts Day (part of H&M: Not A Romance)
Acceptance of the Terms (part of H&M: Not A Romance)

Deny the Child (sequel to Acceptance of the Terms by the awesome Anastigmat)

I love not the man less but nature more the Great Bonding of The Monarchs To Narnia
comes first chronologically but I do not recommend reading it until you've been through at least the Narnia stories and probably Part 1 of TSG. And maybe not even then. It's not for everyone, though its assumptions are sprinkled throughout the overall story arc.


On the Spare Oom side you have, in chronological order,

The Stone Gryphon, Part 1, Oxfordshire 1942 and at AO3
Chapter 2, It’s The Thought That Counts
The Stone Gryphon, Part 2, The Queen Susan in Tashbaan and at AO3
The Stone Gryphon, Part 3, Apostolic Way
(up to Chapter 15)
Rat and Sword Go To War

I personally think that before you start Part 2 of The Queen Susan in Tashbaan, it's a good idea to skim By Royal Decree and Harold and Morgan (even though unfinished) because there’s a lot that happens there, especially in terms of Edmund’s story, that is relevant. The Palace Guard is relevant to the Good Beasts and other personalities who crop up throughout The Stone Gryphon. I don't have many true surprises but one of them is spoiled in Chapter 2 of the It's The Thought that Counts so you might want to read Chapter 14 of The Stone Gryphon, Part 1, Oxfordshire 1942 first.

Stories outside this (intended to be) cohesive vision are:

Under Cover and at AO3
The Maenad of the Maquis and at AO3
Follow The Star and at AO3

Oh My Gawd, it's sooo long, so here's a short cut

A Timeline of events in The Queen Susan in Tashbaan
Partial cast of characters through most of The Queen Susan in Tashbaan, including character key to the allegorical code used in the story.
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Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 10:50 am
Why yes, I'm still alive though not writing fic at the moment. In attempt to crawl out of that abyss and find again the good things that led me to start writing and posting again in 2009,

1. I am a level 25 in Pokemon Go and am only 50 Magikarps away from evolving a kick ass Gyarados

2. No one corgis like a corgi corgis
20160809_193502.jpg   20160906_211212.jpg

3. Pandas are off the endangered species list!
4.  I am not participating this year but the Narnia Fic Exchange will be live soon, so I hope you enjoy it!  The prompts are here.

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Sunday, August 30th, 2015 08:49 pm
And oh my gosh, you need to go RIGHT NOW

First off, I have an amazing fun Madness. It is delightful. You will love it.

Fit to be tied (723 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - All Media Types
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Susan Pevensie
Additional Tags: Crack Crossover, Anansi - Freeform, Chronicles of Narnia - Kangarooverse

Susan does not like surprises. Tebbitt does not like spiders. Anansi does not care.

And then, my anon, for my main story, has written an 18,000 word war story set between The Queen Susan in Tashbaan and Rat and Sword Go To War. Queen Susan Caspian is sent to North Africa as part of the deception build up to Operation Mincemeat. I've just started and have already run into Susan Caspian and Tebbitt, Asim, and Colonel Walker-Smythe. I don't know the other verse it's crossed with, Rat Patrol, but I'm not worried about that. There are notes at the beginning and if you do love Rat Patrol, well that's an added bonus.   It's wonderful.  It's amazing and I'm already in love. 

The Rule of Threes Raid (18796 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 3/3
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - All Media Types, The Rat Patrol
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Susan Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Sam Troy, Jack Moffitt, Mark Hitchcock, Tully Pettigrew, Hans Dietrich
Additional Tags: World War II

The Rat Patrol's mission is "to attack, harass and wreak havoc on Field Marshal Rommel's vaunted Afrika Korps." Susan's mission is a bit more complicated, as is her relationship with the desert. A story of daring and deception and of loyalties built on shifting sands.

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Monday, July 20th, 2015 08:49 am
Whynot, thanks for reading and leaving comments.  You obviously have some questions, so if you want me to answer them, you can comment over here.  A few things,

Separated at Birth -- some people think I have the timeline right, others don't.  I worry less about that sort of thing than I used to.  I wrote the story mostly because it's two female characters with a lot of baggage on a heist and I think Mara and River are great foils for one another, with River bringing some of the crazy that Mara really tries to avoid.

By Royal Decree -- I'm not quite sure what you meant.  It sounds like the tone of the story was bothering you.  If you had difficulty distinguishing the princesses, you aren't alone as Edmund hasn't bothered to tell them apart, either.  They are supposed to a broad parody, with even the line inserted in the story about "learning the business of government" being a riff on popular fic at the time.  As for the tone, it's humor and parody, not something seen much in the Narnia fandom, I guess.  It doesn't read as typical romance because I didn't start it as a typical romance -- Evil Banker Morgan was a late edition and on my Journal you could read the Great Mother's Day debate in which I was undecided about how to end the story.  That idea of it not being a typical romance is realized more fully in H&M.

Harold and Morgan -- I guess the doorstop comment in that chapter is referring to Edmund being relegated to a position inferior to bankers where he's basically anonymous and leaning against walls and doors.  It's how he's feeling.

Thank you for reading.

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Thursday, June 13th, 2013 05:06 pm
The Narnia Fic Exchange is open!
Sign ups
Pinch Hitters

Signups open: June 9
Signups close: June 19
Prompts sent out: by June 24
Fics due: anytime before August 19
Posting begins: August 26

Go!  sign up!

In comments to Part 1 of Lost in Translation, ruanchunxian0 and some others commented that they'd like to see Peter being all doting and flailing so I posted this.

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Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 07:07 pm

The Narnia Fic Exchange 2013 is beginning!

Signups open: June 9
Signups close: June 19
Prompts sent out: by June 24
Fics due: anytime before August 19
Posting begins: August 26

[personal profile] snacky is running it again! Thanks Snax! They will be looking for participants, betas and pinch hitters! 1,000 word minimum and the quality of the stories is always so high!

I have received wonderful stories from this:[personal profile] edenfalling wrote the fabulous Queen Lucy, the Firebird, and the Death of Koschei the Deathless for ME last year!

I've also received the wonderful More than kisses letters mingle souls by [personal profile] athousandwinds (Polly the suffragist and Digory home from the war with a commendation!) and Written in the dust by [personal profile] bedlamsbard (fake history!)

So do think about signing up!!!
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Tuesday, May 28th, 2013 08:45 am

In the ongoing effort to post only the happy, last night I posted Lost in Translation in which Peter has difficulty with Rat and Crow code and finally gets it right at the very end. 

Ask and ye shall receive. Anons wanted Peter and Rat and Crow code. [personal profile] serakit wanted Cats (Not a kitten and but I hope this satisfies!) And this now sets up the story to come, the knighting of Otters Lady Arsehat and Sir Dickwad.

And yes, I now have Everybody Lives, Nobody Leaves AU.   Yes, it does mean I joss Acceptance of the Terms and this doesn't approach that piece's level of  melancholy.  Happy, remember? 

There are bits and pieces that are familiar -- a bit of Black as Rat and Crow because one anon wanted to know what it was that Peter did in fact end up sending to Edmund and Susan and an expansion of a very short scene in TSG Part 1.  And poor Peter.  He keeps trying to say heartfelt things and it never works out, for instance here and here.

Happy! Silly! Fluffy!

PS-- there's a little bit of head canon floating around. I've had this idea of a Black Dwarfess midwife and now introduce her and her Cat familiar. Also that scene with Peter and Leszi is right before Leszi... errr, never mind. Happy! this is all happy!

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Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 11:29 am
I am delighted to announce that [personal profile] luzula  has podficced Maenad of the Maquis.  She has a beautiful voice, speaks the French wonderfully, and added the jazz music that is in the story.  I am thrilled with this.  The first part of the story, when Peter walks up to the cottage and  hears Blueberry Hill is just so much fun.    You can find the post leading to the streaming link here.  She has submitted it as part of the [community profile] amplificathon community.

Do go tell her how awesome she is!!  (Maenad is rated R or M so there is that to consider before you go clicking on any links).

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Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 05:42 am

So, I listened to the resounding, thundering silence and went back to the previously posted chapter 5 of HM and cut 3,000 words of dialog and replaced it with a few paragraphs of Lucy exposition.  Hopefully, it will help, but I have to face the facts too, uncomfortable though they are.  If you LIKE talky, technical bits, it's all here behind the cut. The content not reprinted in ff.net actually begins in Part 2, the next entry to this LJ

Original Chapter 5 of H&M, Part 1 )
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Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 04:42 pm
Good lord, yes, she's still alive.  September has been ghastly and this is the most boring chapter of all time, and certainly won't do anything to lure back readers.  But, it had to be done, and I'm incapable of writing, "And then bad things happened and Morgan has been lying a lot and then they got on a boat and probably had a lot of sex and argued and did math."  Chapter 5, of the most dysfunctional relationship ever.  I do feel for Peter and Lucy here.  Not written but certainly contemplated is in the evening when Peter and Lucy sneak to the barns and get hammered on Dwarf Lightning and bang their heads against the stall doors because everyone else is an idiot.  This chapter has been a nightmare.  Plot, plod, plot ploddity plot

So, there ya go.  I wish I could say I was feeling the lurve, but mostly I have a sinus migraine from too meetings and travel and I need to just shut up and start writing.  So, that's what I'll probably do.

In my meager defense, if you count up the chapter 4 and 5 updates to H&M, and the stories I did for the Narnia Fic Exchange, I'm over 40,000 words since sometime in June.  YIKES.  Time for more pain relievers.  Also, I've got a TSG Part 3 question that still has me stuck, so I may be posting here.
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Friday, December 18th, 2009 10:25 pm
Stupid ff.net's notifications aren't working.  So, a holiday short and thank you. It's the Thought That Counts