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3 Sentence Ficathon

3 Sentence Ficathon Banner


CaramelSilver isn’t running the awesome 3 sentence ficathon this year, but she said I could do it in her place!!  (Banner courtesy of CaramelSilver and thanks so much!)

What is the 3 Sentence Ficathon?
This is a challenge where you answer a prompt with a fic consisting of only three sentences. It's open to all fandoms and you can post and answer as many prompts as you like, as many times as you want.

What do I do?
You post prompts!  When posting a prompt please format it this way:

fandom, character/pairing, prompt word/sentence.

Only one prompt per comment please.

What else?
You answer other posters' prompts in three sentences (or more if you can't stop yourself) and fill as many prompts as you want, as many times as you wish.  If you see that a prompt you loved has already been filled, go ahead and fill it again!  Multiple fills of the same prompt allowed. 

I'm not a member of Dreamwidth
No problem.  You can comment anonymously or through open ID

Can anyone play?
Yes!  Please pimp this to your flist, I'd like as many as possible to come and participate!

I'm cross-posting to LJ but we will keep all prompts and fills here, so they are in one awesome place (and with less spam). 

Here's a link for spreading the word to all your friends and comms (thanks [personal profile] snacky !)

How long can it go? 
CaramelSilver kept the 2011 3 Sentence Ficathon up for a month.  I'd suggest closing it on Sunday, April 7, 2013.  How does that sound? (edit:  If we reach 5,000 comments sooner, I'll start a new one).

Are there any rules about cross-posting?
Nope, you can post wherever you want, whenever you want.  Last year, a lot of folks collected their responses together and posted them on AO3 under the 3 sentence fiction tag.

Gosh who are all these people writing such great prompts and fills?
Good question!  Come to the friending meme and introduce yourself if you like.

As  [personal profile] lady_songsmith explains, for the 2011 3 Sentence Ficathon, [livejournal.com profile] grim_lupine created a delicious account to archive the 3 Sentence Ficathon.   [personal profile] lady_songsmith has reactivated the archive on delicious for this challenge, so, here is the account (nothing current added yet, though): https://previous.delicious.com/3sentence She asks that if anyone would be willing to help knock down the backlog of the prolific-ness thus far, let her know!!  (She adds:  I know folks are kinda down on delicious with the changes, but, hey, it's an archive already set up with useful tags!)

On the subject of archiving, I really encourage people to collect and post their fills elsewhere.  That way, we can find your work more easily again, redundancy is always good and it's really useful for future remixes and other challenges and gift exchanges you might participate in. I'll start a linking post so that if you do collect all your fills and post them on your own blog or an archive like AO3, you can give give us the link in comments. 

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edited March 24, 2013 to close post to new prompts. 

freudiancascade: (Default)

[personal profile] freudiancascade 2013-03-13 12:05 am (UTC)(link)
Primeval, Sid and Nancy, exploring!
nocowardsoul: ([btws] kids)

[personal profile] nocowardsoul 2013-03-13 12:22 am (UTC)(link)
Firedrake's Eye - Patricia Finney, Simon Ames, grief

(talk about your long shots)
nocowardsoul: Amy and Laurie ([alcott] boat)

[personal profile] nocowardsoul 2013-03-13 12:25 am (UTC)(link)
Little Women, Emil, dancing
katharhino: (Default)

[personal profile] katharhino 2013-03-15 01:46 am (UTC)(link)
"I'm too old to dance, Emil."

"Don't you know sailors are always sure-footed, Aunt Jo? You needn't fear I'll step on your feet," he said and tugged at her hand until she gave in, laughing.

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[personal profile] nocowardsoul - 2013-03-15 04:04 (UTC) - Expand

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tinpra: Little Princess Tiana (Default)

[personal profile] tinpra 2013-03-13 12:26 am (UTC)(link)
Farscape/Firefly, John + River, crazy siblings
bessemerprocess: [fs] luck (me) ([fs] luck (me))

[personal profile] bessemerprocess 2013-03-15 11:40 am (UTC)(link)
He's half a person, except for when he's not, because sometimes he's not the only person in his head. She can't fix that, not yet. It doesn't matter, because when River calls him brother John smiles with his whole brain and shoots at the people chasing them.

(no subject)

[personal profile] tinpra - 2013-03-17 21:14 (UTC) - Expand
freudiancascade: (Default)

[personal profile] freudiancascade 2013-03-13 12:26 am (UTC)(link)
Doctor Who, River Song, not your typical day at the spa
daylight_darknight: (Default)

[personal profile] daylight_darknight 2013-03-13 06:11 am (UTC)(link)
It was a good thing she knew how to hide a sonic blaster inside a towel, River thought as she watched the armour clad aliens pour into the spa waving their laser rifles. Leaning back in her chair, she winked at the nearest alien and took a sip of her cocktail as she surreptitiously reached into the towel she wore. Well, all that pampering did tend to get a bit boring after awhile.

(no subject)

[personal profile] meridian_rose - 2013-03-13 08:48 (UTC) - Expand
wallwalker: space (space)

[personal profile] wallwalker 2013-03-13 12:33 am (UTC)(link)
Mass Effect, Garrus + Ashley, Distrust
communi_kate: (Default)

[personal profile] communi_kate 2013-03-17 04:56 am (UTC)(link)
Ashley Williams didn't trust aliens, and she never let Garrus get behind her.

Garrus's first bullet ricocheted from the shield of the geth in front of them, flew down the corridor back over the turian's head and dropped the husk shambling up behind Williams in its tracks.

"Relax, Williams," he called, "If I wanted to shoot you, I would have done it by now."
wallwalker: Venetian mask, dark purple with gold gilding. (Default)

[personal profile] wallwalker 2013-03-13 12:34 am (UTC)(link)
Firefly/Serenity, Mal/Zoe/Inara, memories
dariaw: (Default)

[personal profile] dariaw 2013-03-13 12:51 am (UTC)(link)
The past is in the past, except when it's not, and there are times when Inara leaves Mal and Zoe alone with their thoughts, with their war. She doesn't mind.

They don't know about all of Inara's battles, and they certainly don't know that some of hers were more brutal than even theirs; they don't need to know, though, and Inara doesn't need to tell them.

(no subject)

[personal profile] dariaw - 2013-03-14 19:05 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] lar_laughs - 2013-03-17 05:27 (UTC) - Expand
tinpra: Little Princess Tiana (Default)

[personal profile] tinpra 2013-03-13 12:47 am (UTC)(link)
Leverage, Team, shopping
ext_418585: (Default)

[identity profile] wingedflight21.livejournal.com 2013-03-13 12:56 am (UTC)(link)
"But I don't go shopping," Parker complained, crossing her arms petulantly and glaring at Nate, "I like to keep my money."

Hardison perked up and rose from behind the counter. "Did I hear someone suggest shopping?"

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[personal profile] tinpra - 2013-03-13 01:07 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] passionfruit_kisses - 2013-03-13 04:56 (UTC) - Expand
tinpra: Little Princess Tiana (Default)

[personal profile] tinpra 2013-03-13 12:48 am (UTC)(link)
Inception, Saito +/ Ariadne, learning Japanese?
tiny_white_hats: (Default)

Fill: Kanji

[personal profile] tiny_white_hats 2013-03-13 05:53 am (UTC)(link)
Saito is not a patient man, but even he has no trouble waiting as he watches Ariadne grow familiar with the strokes and accents of each Japanese character. He thinks Ariadne is beautiful in the same way each kanji she draws is, perfectly imperfect, the way that all beautiful, natural things are. He watches her small, pale hands trace the asyetrical shape of each character he draws for her to see, watches those lovely hands guide the brush against paper with the same gentle precision she traced the lines, and he imagines what it would be like for those same hands to draw shapes against his skin.

Re: Fill: Kanji

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Re: Fill: Kanji

[personal profile] tiny_white_hats - 2013-03-13 06:12 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Fill: Kanji

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Re: Fill: Kanji

[personal profile] tiny_white_hats - 2013-03-15 05:40 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Fill: Kanji

[personal profile] zoi_no_miko - 2013-03-23 03:11 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Fill: Kanji

[personal profile] tiny_white_hats - 2013-03-24 15:46 (UTC) - Expand
starbrow: (Default)

[personal profile] starbrow 2013-03-13 01:05 am (UTC)(link)
Indiana Jones/Narnia, Marcus Brody and Eustace, ancient artifacts
ext_418585: (Default)

[identity profile] wingedflight21.livejournal.com 2013-03-13 01:14 am (UTC)(link)
Leverage, team, Leverage 2.0 (post-finale)
dariaw: (Default)

[personal profile] dariaw 2013-03-13 02:29 am (UTC)(link)
spoilers for finale

When it's just Parker, Hardison and Eliot, they don't argue much, but when they do, it's about whether to do the risky thing or the safe thing.

At first, they try to solve it by majority rules but Hardison almost quit from being caught between the other two every time; then they tried to guess what Nate would do. Finally, they learned to talk it over, and to ask which choice would be picked by the kind of person they each hope to someday be; that's the method that sticks.

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[personal profile] dariaw - 2013-03-14 19:04 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] lar_laughs - 2013-03-17 05:32 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] wingedflight - 2013-03-18 03:57 (UTC) - Expand
tinpra: Little Princess Tiana (Default)

[personal profile] tinpra 2013-03-13 01:16 am (UTC)(link)
Into the West, anyone, the last letter
tanyart: (Default)

[personal profile] tanyart 2013-03-13 01:52 am (UTC)(link)
Persona 4, Souji -> Dojima, one-sided awkward crush
tactician: (Default)

[personal profile] tactician 2013-03-13 03:43 am (UTC)(link)
It doesn't help that Dojima is an overcompensating parent where Souji's were absent ones, especially when they haven't even had enough contact over the years to warrant the development of any paternal feelings to begin with.

So, as it happens, the sort of feelings that do develop are really not quite paternal at all, especially when Dojima laughs sometimes and smiles warm over even warmer rims of hot coffee mugs, asking how he's been.

Kind of pathetically crushing on you is not really a valid answer, so Souji smiles back, lowering his eyes to his lap, and says, "Fine," roughly - the sort of roughness that creeps into a boy's voice when his heart's beating like a drum inside his chest - "Just fine."

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[personal profile] tanyart - 2013-03-13 03:48 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] passionfruit_kisses - 2013-03-13 03:53 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] degrees - 2013-03-13 03:44 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] tanyart - 2013-03-13 03:50 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] passionfruit_kisses - 2013-03-13 03:52 (UTC) - Expand
tanyart: ([misc] paint it bright)

[personal profile] tanyart 2013-03-13 01:52 am (UTC)(link)
Grimm, Hank+Nick, hugs
tiny_white_hats: (Default)

[personal profile] tiny_white_hats 2013-03-13 04:44 am (UTC)(link)
Hank isn't an incredibly affectionate man, or so his three ex-wives told him. He was never interested in holding hands or playing with hair or stroking lazy fingers down arms or backs.

But, when he finds Nick leaning his head against a wall, collapsed on the dirt outside a house with four murdered children left inside, Hank forgets that he's not a physically affectionate kind of guy and he drops down beside Nick to pull him into a hug.

(no subject)

[personal profile] tanyart - 2013-03-13 06:46 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] tiny_white_hats - 2013-03-14 20:21 (UTC) - Expand
tanyart: ([misc] Run away into the sky)

[personal profile] tanyart 2013-03-13 01:52 am (UTC)(link)
Star Wars: Republic Commando, Niner/Boss, trust
redsixwing: Red-winged angel staring at a distant star. (Default)

[personal profile] redsixwing 2013-03-13 03:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Niner wanted badly to open a comm channel, but it just wasn't a good idea. This deep into enemy territory, the slightest electronic peep would be enough to betray not only him, but the man who trusted him to work without interference.

Instead, he waited, taking each breath by a four-count of the blinking light that said a channel could be opened, would be opened, when it was time.

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[personal profile] tanyart - 2013-03-13 17:00 (UTC) - Expand
lilredridinghood: (Default)

[personal profile] lilredridinghood 2013-03-13 02:12 am (UTC)(link)
Teen Wolf, Allison/Scott, a pound of flesh
lilredridinghood: (Default)

[personal profile] lilredridinghood 2013-03-13 02:12 am (UTC)(link)
Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, beneath my bed
lilredridinghood: (Default)

[personal profile] lilredridinghood 2013-03-13 02:12 am (UTC)(link)
Teen Wolf, Melissa/Sheriff, ungodly hour

[personal profile] hanet 2013-03-14 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
She sees him at church sometimes, head bowed in prayer or thought or boredom, so she invites him to lunch. He begins to pick her up for the services, both their sons still asleep. One Sunday they just stay at her place, quietly tangled in her sheets, and he murmurs into her skin, "This is way better than Pastor Raymond's sermons."
lilredridinghood: (Default)

[personal profile] lilredridinghood 2013-03-13 02:12 am (UTC)(link)
Teen Wolf, Laura/Derek, we are forsaken
lilredridinghood: (Default)

[personal profile] lilredridinghood 2013-03-13 02:12 am (UTC)(link)
Teen Wolf, Erica/Stiles, dance on our graves

[personal profile] netweight 2013-03-17 03:46 am (UTC)(link)
rock 'n' roll requiem

She puts the girl she used to be to rest on prom night, gets the guy, schoolyard crush, rolls him over and rides him hard, wham bam thank you ma'am, and, after, pulls him up to stand on the unmade bed and leans in, wraps her arms around his neck and sways to the music from three stories below, because, if she's going for clichés, she might as well get her dance too.

"Don't think this means anything," she warns, because he's that stupid type, the kind to fall head over heels.

He bites back, "Yeah, I wasn't planning on putting a ring on it," but then mutters, "you'd be likely to chew it off," and she snorts, can't help it, and it might not be the adoration he had for Lydia (wonders when it was that he put that childhood dream away) but he's got that goofy smile on his face and maybe, she thinks, maybe this might just be the beginning of something better.

(no subject)

[personal profile] passionfruit_kisses - 2013-03-18 07:34 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] netweight - 2013-03-18 22:09 (UTC) - Expand
nocowardsoul: young lady in white and gentleman speaking in a hall (Default)

[personal profile] nocowardsoul 2013-03-13 02:21 am (UTC)(link)
Beyond the Western Sea, Maura, shadow
dariaw: (Default)

[personal profile] dariaw 2013-03-13 02:30 am (UTC)(link)
Arrow, Felicity/Diggle/Oliver, making it work
ext_418585: (Default)

[identity profile] wingedflight21.livejournal.com 2013-03-13 02:48 am (UTC)(link)
(I'm 4 or 5 episodes behind so if this is a bit out-of-date, that would be why.)

Sometimes she wants to strangle Ollie when he comes up with those ridiculous excuses; she wants to take him by the shoulders and tell him point blank that if I can hunt down the origin of a special-made arrow, I can certainly put the pieces together to figure out why you're really asking.

But he always looks so earnest-yet-naive (and somehow, always mildly displeased) that Felicity just smiles and nods and passes along the information he needs. And when he leaves, she phones up Diggle, and asks if there's anything else Ollie needs before he goes out into the field tonight, and why can't she see the secret base just yet?

(no subject)

[personal profile] dariaw - 2013-03-14 19:04 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] wingedflight - 2013-03-14 20:06 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] dariaw - 2013-03-15 03:49 (UTC) - Expand
dariaw: (Default)

[personal profile] dariaw 2013-03-13 02:31 am (UTC)(link)
Revenge, Nolan/Emily/Jack or Aidan, priorities
dariaw: (Default)

[personal profile] dariaw 2013-03-13 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
Supernatural, Dean/Cas or Meg or Lenore or Benny or Balthazar, someone find themselves suddenly human and they turn to Dean
animus_wyrmis: (Default)

[personal profile] animus_wyrmis 2013-03-13 02:52 am (UTC)(link)
Criminal Minds, Emily Prentiss, "because I prayed / this word: / want"