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3 Sentence Ficathon

3 Sentence Ficathon Banner


CaramelSilver isn’t running the awesome 3 sentence ficathon this year, but she said I could do it in her place!!  (Banner courtesy of CaramelSilver and thanks so much!)

What is the 3 Sentence Ficathon?
This is a challenge where you answer a prompt with a fic consisting of only three sentences. It's open to all fandoms and you can post and answer as many prompts as you like, as many times as you want.

What do I do?
You post prompts!  When posting a prompt please format it this way:

fandom, character/pairing, prompt word/sentence.

Only one prompt per comment please.

What else?
You answer other posters' prompts in three sentences (or more if you can't stop yourself) and fill as many prompts as you want, as many times as you wish.  If you see that a prompt you loved has already been filled, go ahead and fill it again!  Multiple fills of the same prompt allowed. 

I'm not a member of Dreamwidth
No problem.  You can comment anonymously or through open ID

Can anyone play?
Yes!  Please pimp this to your flist, I'd like as many as possible to come and participate!

I'm cross-posting to LJ but we will keep all prompts and fills here, so they are in one awesome place (and with less spam). 

Here's a link for spreading the word to all your friends and comms (thanks [personal profile] snacky !)

How long can it go? 
CaramelSilver kept the 2011 3 Sentence Ficathon up for a month.  I'd suggest closing it on Sunday, April 7, 2013.  How does that sound? (edit:  If we reach 5,000 comments sooner, I'll start a new one).

Are there any rules about cross-posting?
Nope, you can post wherever you want, whenever you want.  Last year, a lot of folks collected their responses together and posted them on AO3 under the 3 sentence fiction tag.

Gosh who are all these people writing such great prompts and fills?
Good question!  Come to the friending meme and introduce yourself if you like.

As  [personal profile] lady_songsmith explains, for the 2011 3 Sentence Ficathon, [livejournal.com profile] grim_lupine created a delicious account to archive the 3 Sentence Ficathon.   [personal profile] lady_songsmith has reactivated the archive on delicious for this challenge, so, here is the account (nothing current added yet, though): https://previous.delicious.com/3sentence She asks that if anyone would be willing to help knock down the backlog of the prolific-ness thus far, let her know!!  (She adds:  I know folks are kinda down on delicious with the changes, but, hey, it's an archive already set up with useful tags!)

On the subject of archiving, I really encourage people to collect and post their fills elsewhere.  That way, we can find your work more easily again, redundancy is always good and it's really useful for future remixes and other challenges and gift exchanges you might participate in. I'll start a linking post so that if you do collect all your fills and post them on your own blog or an archive like AO3, you can give give us the link in comments. 

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edited March 13, 2013 to fix box coding problem (thanks to those who helped!) and to add link to friending meme
edited March 15, 2013 to add information on archiving.
edited March 24, 2013 to close post to new prompts. 

minutia_r: (Default)

[personal profile] minutia_r 2013-03-20 04:45 am (UTC)(link)
Paarfi Romances, Paarfi of Roundwood, 3 sentence ficathon
minutia_r: (Default)

[personal profile] minutia_r 2013-03-20 04:46 am (UTC)(link)
A Suitable Boy, Maan/Firoz, can we fix it?
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[personal profile] minutia_r 2013-03-20 04:47 am (UTC)(link)
Cyteen, Ari II & Justin, sempai please notice me
minutia_r: (Default)

[personal profile] minutia_r 2013-03-20 04:47 am (UTC)(link)
Downbelow Station, Elene/Damon/Josh, station call
kuruk: (Default)

[personal profile] kuruk 2013-03-20 04:48 am (UTC)(link)
Once Upon a Time, Regina Mills+Henry Mills, summer skin
liquidtears: (Default)

I Wonder

[personal profile] liquidtears 2013-03-27 09:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Regina is getting quite a tan with her summer skin on the beach, much to her son Henry's chagrin.

He wonders what it would would be like with his real birth mother... would she ignore him like this?

"I hope not." he whispers softly as he blinks his eyes to prevent tears rushing to the fore while he continues working on his sandcastle.
starbrow: (Default)

[personal profile] starbrow 2013-03-20 05:05 am (UTC)(link)
Howl's Moving Castle, Howl/Sophie, "Vanity thy name is wizard"
betony: (Default)

....and the dreaded fourth sentence catches up with me. Oh well.

[personal profile] betony 2013-03-20 07:07 pm (UTC)(link)

Sophie likes her new brother-in-law very much, if not quite as much as Michael, but she has to admit it is sometimes rather awkward trying to start conversation with someone you first knew as a man-turned-dog you'd adopted--or rather, half a man-turned-dog. Sophie, though, is far too strong-minded these days to balk at awkwardness, and besides, Ben is a wizard who comes from the same world Howl does and might be able to shed some light on their strange customs.

"Do you spend two hours every morning getting ready in the bathroom too?" she asks frankly.

Ben raises his eyebrows with an air of polite befuddlement, and Sophie can't help but groan; only her wizard, it seems.

cofax7: climbing on an abbey wall  (Default)

[personal profile] cofax7 2013-03-20 05:08 am (UTC)(link)
Farscape, Aeryn Sun, hardass
lettered: (Default)

[personal profile] lettered 2013-03-20 05:52 am (UTC)(link)
"If you think I'm being a hardass now," Aeryn says, hefting the heavy bag of Peacekeeper weapons, "you just wait."

For a moment, Crichton just blinks.

As Aeryn realizes she's just used the words 'hard' and 'ass' in very quick succession, and that though John can sometimes be patient, at other times it takes very little to short-circuit his brain, he's already saying, "I can't wait; please, could you start right now?"

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[personal profile] cofax7 2013-03-20 05:08 am (UTC)(link)
Farscape, Chiana, sibling rivalry
cofax7: climbing on an abbey wall  (Default)

[personal profile] cofax7 2013-03-20 05:09 am (UTC)(link)
Aubrey-Maturin, Diana, a woman of independent means
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[personal profile] kuruk 2013-03-20 05:09 am (UTC)(link)
Shin Sekai Yori, Saki/Satoru/Shun, in another life
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Summer Dreams

[personal profile] moon_blitz 2013-03-20 02:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Saki sits awake in the heat of a summer night, thinking of a life that could have been - Shun smiling at a joke Satoru made as the three of them sat down to dinner, Saki having made their favourite dishes; the warmth of a shared bed on a cold autumn night, their bodies pressed together under the heavy blankets.

In that other, happier, life, they would have had children, although Saki likes to think that both Shun and Satoru would have been fathers, since it was only fair to her imaginary husbands that whatever family they had would come from all three of them.

The first snowfall always makes Saki cry, but it is on those long summer nights that her heart is the heaviest as she longs for the life they could have lived.
cofax7: Rotating icon for Life During Wartime (XF - MAF)

[personal profile] cofax7 2013-03-20 05:10 am (UTC)(link)
X-Files, Dana Scully, they were right all along
lettered: (Default)

[personal profile] lettered 2013-03-20 05:41 am (UTC)(link)
The intimidating thing about Catholicism is there is a price to pay, if you don’t believe—you might be wrong, and Scully doesn’t like to be wrong. Admitting that there are truths that may be unknowable is her way of dealing with those proofs Mulder seeks but she believes he will never find.

By the time Scully’s hiding the pain and wiping away the blood, she’s beginning to wonder whether she’s made a grave error in equating correct answers with what is right.

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[personal profile] ailavyn_siniyash 2013-03-20 05:28 am (UTC)(link)
anthropomorphic, pillow, just like clockwork
hamimi_fk: Random girl (Default)

[personal profile] hamimi_fk 2013-03-21 06:48 am (UTC)(link)
Night sets, shadows overtaking the white fluff of her body. A head rests upon her, sometimes an arm comes up to pin her comfortably from both sides. When the sunrises, she fluffs back into shape and awaits night again.

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vialethe: (Lamia - Waterhouse)

the crackship of crackships...

[personal profile] vialethe 2013-03-20 06:44 am (UTC)(link)
Sistine Chapel ceiling, Libyan Sybil/Prophet Jonah, gaze back at me

(Yes, this is a totally a fandom/pairing. Definitely! At least [personal profile] metonomia and [personal profile] pencildragon11 know what I'm talking about...)
metonomia: (palpitant to passion)

Re: the crackship of crackships...

[personal profile] metonomia 2013-03-20 05:48 pm (UTC)(link)
She can feel him, watching her from above - or is it beside? Her sense of space has been off ever since that painter and his assistants dashed her up here; she can feel the curvature where walls meet ceiling, can feel the foundations of the building itself; sometimes she thinks she can feel everything except her own hermited passions. She takes a deep breath, inhaling the plaster and dust of centuries, and looks up.
vialethe: (Lamia - Waterhouse)

[personal profile] vialethe 2013-03-20 06:48 am (UTC)(link)
Greek Mythology, Aeneas/Cassandra, but I would let you hold me in your hands/we would get to be together once again/and you would never ever try to pretend that I was yours/when I was yours
betony: (Default)

....You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?

[personal profile] betony 2013-03-20 04:21 pm (UTC)(link)

Cassie has: a house empty of brothers, a mountain of student debts, a face that no longer belongs to one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Cassie has: a head empty of visions, admission to graduate school, a boyfriend who lets her spin him around in the year’s first rain and never lets go.

Cassandra is content.

hmm. Not precisely what I wanted, but I suspect I neededto imagine a HEA for Cassandra, damnit!

vialethe: (Lamia - Waterhouse)

[personal profile] vialethe 2013-03-20 06:52 am (UTC)(link)
Greek mythology, Hades/Persephone, all I can dream about/is how to make you smile
metonomia: (palpitant to passion)

[personal profile] metonomia 2013-03-20 05:55 pm (UTC)(link)
They say that the god of death sleeps when his wife is gone, that autumn and the turning of the leaves is not just Demeter's grief but his wakening joy. They say he takes the form of a bear, and hibernates, and when Persephone returns there is a new cub for her to mother, a new life down in the shadows of Dis. They say he dreams, through two whole seasons, of her smile when she took the pomegranate seeds from his hand.

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(no subject)

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(no subject)

[personal profile] betony - 2013-03-20 19:15 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

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(no subject)

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(no subject)

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[personal profile] vialethe 2013-03-20 06:55 am (UTC)(link)
Narnia/The Silmarillion, Susan/Maglor, for all we could and should be being
vialethe: (Lamia - Waterhouse)

[personal profile] vialethe 2013-03-20 06:58 am (UTC)(link)
Greek mythology, Apollo/Daphne, I want to bathe you in the light of day/and just watch you as the rays tangle up around your face and body
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[personal profile] regndoft 2013-03-20 11:02 pm (UTC)(link)
The sun rises slowly over the mountain top, painting her leaves a virginal green when they shift just so in the morning breeze.

Such a long time has passed now, and yet there is still place for grief in his chest where that fateful arrow struck; it’s not a just punishment for the mockery he’d made of his own kind, but at least he’d done something to deserve it.

He places the laurel on his head and thinks of all the things he would say if she still had ears to hear him with.

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[personal profile] lettered 2013-03-20 07:17 am (UTC)(link)
Vanity Fair, Captain Dobbin, Amelia Sedley, long enough
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[personal profile] lettered 2013-03-20 07:18 am (UTC)(link)
Jane Eyre, Jane, faith
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The Shepherd

[personal profile] lizzardgirl 2013-03-20 04:00 pm (UTC)(link)
All my life, there was little I could rely on, for who would look out for a poor, plain orphan? I was walking in the valley of the shadow of death, for where else could I go, what did I have other than the hope that one day, I too would find green pastures, would be led to the water? And these days, my cup runneth over and I am blessed indeed and I know that somehow, in some way, goodness and mercy have followed me after all.

Re: The Shepherd

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Re: The Shepherd

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Re: The Shepherd

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Re: The Shepherd

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[personal profile] lettered 2013-03-20 07:19 am (UTC)(link)
Robin McKinley's Deerskin, Lissar, Ossin, long nights
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[personal profile] cofax7 2013-03-21 03:27 am (UTC)(link)

In the many years that she has raised dogs, Lissar has learned that puppies never come at convenient hours, like mid-afternoon on an otherwise-unimportant Wednesday, or Sunday morning after the brunch dishes have been cleared away; they come at three hours after moonrise on a night when the frost lies heavy on the cobbled stones of the yard, and the next day is one filled with important meetings and delicate negotiations with anxious, militaristic neighbors.

Despite the cold, Lissar sweats over the laboring animal, hair hanging in her face, and her knees aching on the cold tiles of the floor--for of course the bitch had somehow found her way into an exposed and chilly corner of the building, instead of the warm blanketed kennel where she'd been left not three hours before. Three pups, so far, and one of them dead; Lissar sighs, and sets the tiny body aside, only to see it swept up in a red flannel, for Ossin has risen from his warm bed and brought not only his years of experience with difficult litters, but a blanket, which he wraps around her shoulders and tucks over her bare, chilled, feet.

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[personal profile] lettered 2013-03-20 07:21 am (UTC)(link)
Avatar: the Last Airbender, Zuko, Katara, peace negotiations
cofax7: climbing on an abbey wall  (Default)

[personal profile] cofax7 2013-03-21 03:37 am (UTC)(link)
"I'm sorry, Zuko, but they're not coming," she says, her expression that downcast, somber look she puts on whenever she is forced to say something she would rather not; it contrasts sharply with the brilliantly-colored festival garments she put on for his coronation.

He nods at Toph, walking past with a tray piled high with food (and so familiar is she that it doesn't even surprise him when she nods back), and replies, with only part of his attention, "Well, it is a long way, and it'll take time to re-open the old embassies; my--FireLords Azul and Ozai were not interested in diplomatic relationships with other nations."

She coughs, and something about the hesitancy in that brings his gaze back to Katara; "You don't understand," she says, "they refuse to come, Zuko--they won't have anything to do with the Fire Nation, not without, oh, formal apologies, and years of negotiations, and reparations for the dead and all the years we had to go without any trade at all--they hate you, and just want to be left alone, to put the Tribe, my Tribe, back together--as if none of this had ever happened..."

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[personal profile] cest_what 2013-03-20 09:02 am (UTC)(link)
One Direction, Harry/Louis, cup of tea.
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[personal profile] cest_what 2013-03-20 09:05 am (UTC)(link)
One Direction, Zayn/Harry, raining.
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[personal profile] cest_what 2013-03-20 09:06 am (UTC)(link)
Homestuck, Calliope, tricksters.
edenfalling: headshot of a raccoon, looking left (raccoon)

paving stones

[personal profile] edenfalling 2013-03-26 05:30 am (UTC)(link)
Calliope has no idea what will lead her brother into surrendering the code for his own juju, but despite her determination to keep interaction with her friends linear, she hasn't been able to resist peeking ahead, hoarding the tiny scraps she can see through the increasing static and interference, and what she sees tells her that her friends are all unhappy in their various ways: some more obviously than others, but all of them restless and aching for a clear path through the tangles of their epic journey.

Calliope understands that yearning down to her blood and bones, understands loneliness and the bitter, gnawing certainty that she will never find the right answer, the right moment, the right trick, to make her brother change his ways and see how much better they could be if they worked together -- and while she knows she can't fix herself, if the pixellated scraps of candy hair and brilliant clothes she's seen really do mean what she hopes they mean, she can fix her friends.

She can make them happy.

And in the end, isn't that what friendship's for?
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Re: paving stones

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Re: paving stones

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Prince of Tennis, Kikumaru Eiji, jump.