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Winning his spurs, Chapter 2, complete

The final chapter in Winning his Spurs, Thus Should A Knight Rule himself, went up.  I think most of the relevant notes are in the story already.  I tried to find the archived article from 31 December 1992 where I pulled up some of the discussion of who was on the New Year's Honour List and that was where I got the information about the verger, the launderer, and Anthony Hopkins as well as Thatcher-ites.  It was like the Daily Mail or the UK Independent.  I think.  The venomous rest was pure invention.

Wiki, the BBC,and other sources provided information on the 1992 political scene in the UK.  One reader has already suggested that the Sun would not have used so many big words.  We'll say it was a guest editorial?  I guess?

Thanks so much to Adaese and [personal profile] iopgod for the assistance on the honours, the Chagoss Islands, and the titles.  I owe everything to Starbrow and Oldfashionedgirl95/pencildragon11 for the hand holding and support.  I hope you'll read their awesome contributions to this collaborative fic. 

Thanks so much for your patience and for those of you who did read, again, my thanks for doing so.