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I should have stayed in Nova Scotia

I am way, way, way too old to be pulling all-nighters for work.  My only consolation is that Mr. Spock is suffering even more than I am.  Oh, and we returned from a lovely holiday to a busted sprinkler system and 1 inch/2.5 cm of water in the basement and $$$ in ruined carpet and now we have blow dryers and dehumidifiers rented for even more $$$ blowing in the basement 24/7. 

So, I've been having to deal with Work Hell from home whilst making frantic calls to contractors and repairmen.

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Ugh, that sounds awful. I'm so sorry.
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That is dreadful. :( What a thing to come home to!
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I'm really glad you had a good time here, at least!

I've never spent much time in Keji--when we go on retreat it's in that vicinity, but usually in February or March, when I have NO interest in going outside. Quite a lot of our friends are going camping in Keji in early September, though, and while I've officially opted not to go, I keep vaguely wondering if I should change my mind. (I'm generally not into camping, is the trouble. >.> I'm not all outdoorsy.)
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Oh, man, that sucks! So sorry.