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So, I've been traveling and completely forgot to signal boost the Narnia Fic Exchange.  Sign ups close on Sunday and there are also sign ups for betas and pinch hitters.  It's awesome.  [personal profile] snacky  and [personal profile] aurilly are running it and you should really go play.
Sign ups are here and here on AO3.
Beta offers are here
Pinch hit offers are here

And I guess remix reveals are this weekend.  I mentioned I had 2 stories.  Been a bit of a bust, I guess, but if you can guess which ones I did, I'll write something!

Also, I visited the Joggins Fossil Cliffs and admit to rediscovering some inspiration from the great scientists who also found inspiration there.  So, I may try to pull something about that.  I'm not at all accustomed to walking a rocky shoreline and picking up fossils on the beach.  It was really amazing. (Just trying to figure out who would have gone there in TSG-verse?  Richard Russell?  With Polly?  With Mary?  Eustace? so many possibilities? in verse or AU verse?)  pay this no mind, move along, nothing to see here.  yet.

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You actually picked up fossils? :) It sounds wonderful! (as does the inspiration. Very early Richard Russell and Polly, maybe?)
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I think my friend's 4-year old son would have loved the Fossil Cliffs -- he's really into dinosaurs right now. We were originally going to go the Natural History museum the other day but as he can't actually play with real dinosaur bones, we ended up going to the Children's Museum instead. It was fun for him, less so for the three adults who went with him. :-)

And hmm. I was thinking of Eustace when I saw your post.