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RIP Carrie Fisher

Come and share if you like, a favorite gif, a favorite memory.  She was hugely formative to me as a teen.  In the last 2 months, as I've battled with finally got treatment for my 2016-induced depression, I thought of Carrie Fisher often and her bravery.  I loved and respected the Princess, but I respected and admired the General so much more as I aged.  The following came from Twitter and her doctoring of her own lines in ESB.  I first saw the news in a text from my spawn.  "I'm sorry, mom.  I know she meant a lot to you."

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Omg, I love this - you can see how much she loved Leia and wanted her to be amazing. Because she was amazing.

At the moment, I'm remembering a video clip at a con after TFA came out, where she explained what bipolar was to a little kid, in unafraid and simple terms, with no bullshit and no shame, and I wished all mental health professionals could have that frame of mind and courage.

It's going to be a sadder world without her, that's for sure.
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http://petralemaitre.tumblr.com/post/155043269908/tweet-from-isaiah-breenisikbreen-honor-carrie -- I have my New Year's Resolutions:

Tweet from Isaiah Breen/@isikbreen

honor carrie fisher:

- normalize mental illness and its treatment
- take life a little less seriously
- destroy a fascist regime
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For me, it wasn't so much the movies as Postcards from the Edge, which amazed and delighted me with her openness, and her boldly dispassionate and brave and funny take on her life (and by extension, other actors' lives, and all our lives). She was a shining spirit and I'm sorry she's gone.
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I'm thinking that the horrible shock that her death must have been to her mother was what has brought about this second death. Sad, sad ending.
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Test test!
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 photo swkiss.jpg

i think this was done for rolling stone magazine during promotion for the empire strikes back
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