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rthstewart ([personal profile] rthstewart) wrote2015-07-18 10:09 pm

NFE Prompts and Open Madness

GASP, coming up for air, to say that Snacky has allowed all the Narnia Fic Exchange prompts to be revealed now so that anyone who wants to right a story for Madness can do so.  And it's funny, there always certain themes and this year, there are many prompts with tell me a story where The Last Battle Never Happened, Worldbuilding, AU, and Mythology.  Several new faces, too!  Lots and lots of good stuff and great ideas, so if you want to write something for Madness, go for it. You do not have to be participating in the main exchange.  Like any madness, it's open to anyone.   Snacky's post is here.  Fic is due anytime before August 23.  The minimal rules are here.  The prompts are here.

NFE Madness is a great opportunity to write for an appreciative audience. 

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