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Saturday, July 18th, 2015 10:09 pm
GASP, coming up for air, to say that Snacky has allowed all the Narnia Fic Exchange prompts to be revealed now so that anyone who wants to right a story for Madness can do so.  And it's funny, there always certain themes and this year, there are many prompts with tell me a story where The Last Battle Never Happened, Worldbuilding, AU, and Mythology.  Several new faces, too!  Lots and lots of good stuff and great ideas, so if you want to write something for Madness, go for it. You do not have to be participating in the main exchange.  Like any madness, it's open to anyone.   Snacky's post is here.  Fic is due anytime before August 23.  The minimal rules are here.  The prompts are here.

NFE Madness is a great opportunity to write for an appreciative audience. 

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Saturday, October 12th, 2013 07:51 am
The NFE Madness round posted here! AND TWO IMPORTANT THINGS! Someone wrote a lovely Susan story for me! World Enough

And someone else wrote a story set in TSG-related verse (set during Apostolic Way) involving Peter and the rabbit he showed to Morgan in the AUish Lost in Translation I wrote.  It's adorable and sad and lovely,  The Rabbit of the High King

There are some other really fun stories, too, so go check them out!

I should be posting a new H&M chapter this soon.  Here's a snippet.

It took Pierce less than a day to wish that his sister, whom he loved and respected very much, had not come home. Three years ago, Morgan had been tense, intense, awkward, unrelenting, and even obnoxious. Her changes had been slow and beautiful. He had seen his sister grow in confidence, holding all her acumen in place, but softening her harsh and unforgiving edges. She had become more balanced and flexible. The causes were many, he knew – some combination of Jina’s support and friendship, the regard the other Narnians had for her, and King Edmund’s – well, having experienced it now himself, Pierce called it love (he had no idea what Morgan and King Edmund would call it).

It was as if all that goodness had been erased and Morgan’s interpersonal timepiece had been turned backward.

In fact, she was far worse than before.

By the second morning, Morgan reduced the cooks to tears over the coffee. She and Father had argued into the noon bell, three days running, when he told her that he was not going to take away the old accounts of hers that he had given to their two new ADs, Chase and Wells. Morgan was to train, not steal, a distinction she didn’t grasp. In a moment of impatient and immature, though very profound, insight, Morgan stomped and shouted, “I don’t like to share my things!”

I owe comments and thanks to many people for generous reviews.  Thanks so much.  I've not responded as I've been trying to finish the above chapter and as you might have read in the paper, things have been very unsettled in the area I live in.  Your support has been a bright spot in a very, very dark time.  A brief bit on that below. 

And behind the cut a brief comment on the federal government shut down

Brief rant against those who think our President is a foreign-born Muslim and the anti-Christ )

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Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 08:54 am
The Narnia Fic Exchange has begun and wow, the first story that went up is a knock out.  The Meeting of Three Powers written for [personal profile] pencildragon11 It's a lovely story filled with Calormen worldbuilding, a rich characterizations of Rabadash, Susan, and Lune, AU Golden Age, and a surprise ending that quite took my breath away.  In a remarkable coincidence, pencildragon11 -- the recipient of this NFE story -- had posted on Sunday a very sad tale of a 15-year old Queen Susan getting very hurt in her first young romance -- won with false dice is  a painfully accurate characterization of how a girl/young woman actually would blunder her way through her first failed romance.  Susan is stronger and wiser at the end but she's got a way to go yet.  To read these two stories together (with HHB in the middle) gives an amazingly consistent character arc -- there is a line in Meeting of Three Powers where Susan states she is closer to wisdom and that is what these stories do together -- they tell a story over a decade or more, of how Queen Susan comes closer to wisdom. 

Your mileage may vary but I found them very satisfying, all the more so because they were written by different authors and independently. 

Also, there's the Madness Round going on, so if you see a prompt and feel like writing a paragraph, go for it! With 38 (I think?) stories still to go, you've got over a month and it can be posted at the end of the exchange. 

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Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 08:31 pm
The deadline for the Narnia Fic Exchange was yesterday and [personal profile] snacky  says posting of stories will begin on August 26!!!

Doing something new, there is now an open Madness round!  All the prompts have been posted, though the person making the request is anonymous (for now).  You can go, peruse the prompts, and if you see something that catches your eye, you can write it!  No word limit, no beta requirements, nothing!  The only requirement is that you post your response to the prompt after the main stories have been posted.  Given that there are 30 prompts, you'll have over a month to write something, anything.  You don't have to claim a prompt, you don't have tell anyone you are doing it, you just write and once the main exchange is over, you have a week to post the story there and anywhere else.

Currently all prompts are anonymous.  Once posting begins on the 26th, the prompts will, as they are filled, be revealed so you can even know for whom you are writing. 

So do come and join us!  The prompts are so interesting and really fun.  Also, a lot of people watch the Narnia fic exchange who are outside the usual posting places -- it's a great way to discover new readers and new writers.