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Welcome back Marie and thank you for stopping by and reading! I do hope all is well! Moves are very stressful!

Thanks so much for coming back and reading! I'm glad you are enjoying it! There's been lots of stuff all over the place -- the pic fic and the AU community and the comment fic which have spread over several journals and now on to Tumblr as well. it's such fun! Something I found when I responded to someone today after she responded to the Peter, Dalia, Caspian thing I just posted is how much I rely on the fic to get the conversation started. The fic provides the framework.

So, I'm glad you are enjoying it. I've hammering away at the next chapter of AW which is going in a character direction I had not anticipated. I like it very much but it's yet more going there.

So thank you and welcome back and I do hope life settles.

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