Someone wrote in [personal profile] rthstewart 2011-11-11 12:55 am (UTC)

Well, I've been gone a while, and it's a very good thing you put all your fics in one place. It made it easier for me to catch up with everything I missed since... was it July ?

First, I'm sorry I disappeared like that, when I wanted very much to continue to support you. A lot happened IRL, and I distanced myself from Narnia for a while. I'm not going to describe my life in details (I just heard you think "Thank God !"), but I will say that I've been living in Toronto, Ontario, since July, and will be here at least until next summer. So, well, that was a pretty big change for me, as you can imagine. And I love it !

Anyway, I've read, I think, everything you wrote on Narnia since I was away. And I want to thank you again. For Harold and Morgan, for I still love them, for "Apostolic way", this story captivates me, for "Food for thought", a very unique way to write a fanfiction, wich I enjoyed very much, and learned a lot from, and everything you've added to your beautiful universe.

That's it, I think. No endless comment (for once), just : I'm back, and thank you so much, and please, please, please, more ! :-)


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