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I'm sorry! I've been working on more Harold and Morgan, actually, trying to fill in the gaps. There are many gaps. It's taking time, but there will be new content and old all smashed together to tell some greater part of the tale:

“Good morning, Mr. Hoberry,” Edmund called as the Faun entered the breakfast room – with an empty tray.

“Good morning, Sire,” Mr. Hoberry replied.

By the Lion, what was wrong with everyone? Mr. Hoberry knew he disliked that title.

The Faun began clearing the dishes.

“Did I miss breakfast?” Edmund asked, when it seemed that nothing was to be coming.

“You did, Sire.”

And with that extraordinary statement, Mr. Hoberry swept out of the room.

So, no Morgan, no security briefing, no breakfast, no morning correspondence, no proper title, and a Tiger so sour he would curdle milk.

Edmund dumped the rest of the sugar into his tea to make it more palatable. “Jalur, has there been some catastrophe that has befallen Narnia of which no one has informed me?”

“It depends upon the definition,” the Tiger said eventually.

“War, invasion, pestilence, earthquake, flood, fire, death?”


“Then what is the nature of the catastrophe?”

Jalur remained sullenly silent.

Well, it was time to remedy the ever growing list of the Things That Seemed Very Wrong. He would begin with finding Morgan. And the first place to look for her was the Tower Library.

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