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Re: Thanks for the very interesting fic world!

Sorry it's taken me a little while to get back. I've been on a bit of a fanfic tear for the past while; I'm keen on Anne McCaffrey/Pern but when I got through all the fics I was interested in I went further afield: from Dorothy L Sayers (whose books I love) to Arthur Ransome via crossovers (not really read any Swallows and Amazons but now feel I know the characters much more!). Then I think I perhaps found some Swallows and Amazons crossover with Narnia fic, and the rest is history...

Thanks for the further details on Susan. I had started to get an impression of what you outline above but of course not as strongly as you explain. It is really sad what C S Lewis did and I am really interested in the way you are untangling/tracing/explaining it in your own terms.

Yes, the Pevensies are flawed in character terms. But in terms of what they can and can't *do* they are almost perfect (Peter's difficulties with Dun Scotus aside).

I'm not saying the Britpick issues are annoying, though I do notice them. There's not many, but you write a huge amount so clearly I'll see them multiple times :-)

Anyway, more reading. I've just finished with Harold and Morgan getting together (apart from the epilogue with Ed Jr). snif, sob. The chapter with Morgan meeting Aslan made me laugh for sure, as well as think! You must have enjoyed writing that one.

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