Someone wrote in [personal profile] rthstewart 2014-12-08 12:23 pm (UTC)

Thanks for the very interesting fic world!

I've been reading through your works on AO3 with much enjoyment. I really like the grown-up take on it all, from the Golden Age to back in Spare Oom to the AU future with them all living. I don't really see how you would fit your version of Susan with Lewis's exclusion of her in TLB but I prefer your version to Lewis's bloody annoying choice. When back in Spare Oom, your kings and queens are a bit too perfect and capable of doing everything, but at the same time I appreciate that is also a good development of them actually having lived an extra 15 years or so more than their seeming age.

Small quibble - there are a couple of written tics that you use that I don't think fit the typical British speech pattern entirely. You often say 'likely' where many British people would say 'probably' (eg 'likely for a long time' rather than 'probably for a long time'). Having said that, one of my work colleagues does that too so it is not unheard of by any means. Also overall I think the returned kings and queens are a bit too formal in their speech (though again I grant the effect of 15 years as a royal). Small Britpicking quibbles though!

Once again, many thanks! I am still working through the list so I have much enjoyment stil to come, I know.

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