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March 11th, 2015

rthstewart: (Default)
Wednesday, March 11th, 2015 09:10 am
So my SO, dear, darling long suffering person, LST, has FOR YEARS, wanted to invite his co-workers over for St. Patrick's Day or Cinco de Mayo, or something.  Always.  I sort of nod, and say, OK, fine, whatever, sure.

So, it's finally happening, on Sunday, and he got really short with me when he asked about food ideas and I responded that there really weren't any typically Irish foods we could serve for a crowd unless we looked at a pork or lamb dish, or salmon, and/or potatoes.  And this is more a 4-7 PM buffet kind of grazing thing, not a sit down meal.  He said he didn't think lamb (I agree), he likes salmon but not for a party food for 20, and there are Indian and Jewish guests coming, so pork is out. 

Fine.  Party poultry it is, with a vegetarian option.  I said I'd make turkey chili and vegetable chili -- not Irish but good, easy and he likes it and I'll do something with potatoes -- I'm thinking hash brown cups.
I made a bunch of batches of cookie dough, froze them and can bake cookies, crackers and cheese, get a fruit and veggie tray, make some mac and cheese for the kids (yes, we have kids too) and we're done, right? 

I send him out to get decorations and he buys Irish beer, so he's happy, and when he asked about things for the kids, I said, well, we can have them decorate cookies or cupcakes with green sprinkles and frosting. 


Now, I do have a very high food awareness, allergens, sensitivities and such.  I can accommodate just about anything. My BIL is allergic to melon and fish.  My SIL is allergic to shellfish.  I've entertained lots of people with nut, shellfish, gluten allergies, and lactose sensitivities.   I don't have them but gosh I know lots of people who do and it's bad form to injure your guests.  I know how to cook in a clean, segregated kitchen.  I'm glad to do it.  So I always ask, any allergies?  Anything out? 

I should have known from his workplace.
Not only no pork but
1 Vegan
1 gluten-free
2 no nuts, eggs (including any cooked eggs, like in baked goods)

Wuhhh.  THAT becomes a very small set of foods that can be eaten by everyone.  Beans, vegetables, fruit, preferably raw.   Because seriously if you eliminate all animal products (fine, that's doable), you typically start substituting nut butters, flours, and milk substitutes.  But, nuts are out.  Gluten free is no problem (OK, no pasta or bread, but this is what those rice crackers are for) but a lot of gluten free flours specifically state for baking, don't substitute the eggs.  Macaroons are good alternative but those have nuts and egg whites.  Also, not putting the corn I already bought in the vegetarian chili and the vegetable and chicken stock I bought say they are gluten free -- but I may have to make my own stock between now and Sunday to be sure. 

I've not told my husband that the gluten-free person won't be drinking any of the beer he bought. 

WHOLE FOODS HERE I COME.    And chocolate dipped fruit except I don't have that fondue sterno thing.  Also, I found this, speaking of beans, deep dish cookie.

Gah.  I knew this would happen.